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   10mm 5
   357 Magnum 4
   38 Special 2
   38 Super 2
   40 Smith & Wesson 8
   45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 12
   9mm 23
   Double 4
   Double/Single 35
   Single 13
   6 6
   7 1
   8 4
   9 1
   10 6
   11 1
   12 6
   13 5
   14 1
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   2 " 3
   3-1/2 " 1
   4 " 24
   5 " 26
   6 " 2
   EAA Firearms 56
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EAA Pistols

EAA Pistols
Testimonials from our Customers
EAA Witness Elite Match Semi-Auto Pistol 600655, 38 Super, 4 3/4 in, Rubber Grip, Two-Tone Finish, 17 Rd
I wrote a prior review with great disappointment. I sent the gun back to EAA. They promptly repaired the issue and it runs perfectly with any ammo I have fed it now. The issue was the magazine the gun came with new was defective. They sent me 2 new style magazines and I have to say they are of much better quality. They have earned my respect back. As a side note, the original mag that was faulty had a red follower. The new ones are a black follower and a 17 round capacity and not the original 16 round. Great service and the pistol finally lives up to what i would expect. - M. N.

EAA Witness Semi-Auto Pistol 999158, 45 ACP, 4 1/2", Rubber Grip, Wonder Finish, 10 Rd, Steel Frame
I really believe this is a gun is a "sleeper". It doesn't get much print from the main stream media, But having purchased it at this very reasonable price and shot over 500 rounds thru it .I can't find fault with the firearm. It is large and heavy which attributes to its accuracy at hitting man-size targets at 50 yards!! The size may prohibit Concealed Carry but its nice to know that Government standards of under 5"holds true under 25 yards If you are looking for a large capacity .45 ,well built and comfortable to shoot with Double action capability you needn't spend $800-$1000 . Clear sighting, solid grips and beaver-tail design allow quick second shots. Some of the best of the 1911 has enabled Witness to produce a fine firearm. - L. O.

EAA Witness Elite Match Semi-Auto Pistol 600650, 10mm, 4 3/4 in, Rubber Grip, Two-Tone Finish, 15 Rd
Bought a EAA Witness Match about 4 months ago. Feels right in my hands, shoots great. First time out at an indoor range, ran the target out to 50 feet, and still got solid 4 inch groups. I feel it would have been better, but I'm no competition shooter. Subsequent time at the rock quarry have found that mine does have some problem feeding Hornady hollow points. I think the very aggressive tip on the Hornady ammo hangs up sometimes. On the other hand the Witness has no problem with Winchester Super-X, and any FMJ round. Recoil is on a par with my Colt 1911, and the Witness puts much more power down-range. First rate finish, powerful, good shooter, and feels right in your hands. Price is right to, seems much lower than comparable Handguns. Might not be the first pick for concealed carry, due to size. But I find that any situation that is appropriate for my Colt, the Witness will work for as well. Actually they can use the same holsters as a full size 1911. Finally, check the ballistics on the 10MM ammo. Short of a Desert Eagle your not going to find much closer to a "one shot stop" handgun. - R. K.

EAA Witness Elite Match Semi-Auto Pistol 600640, 45 ACP, 4 3/4 in, Rubber Grip, Two-Tone Finish, 10 Rd
Why is this pistol so inexpensive? It feels as solid as a rock. It shoots great accuracy-wise and is flawlessly reliable. It's just one of those pistols like a Sig 220 or a high quality 1911 that feels "right" as soon as you pick it up. Aso, because of the unique internal top rail slide design, you get smoothness and tightness right out of the box. It has a CZ style operating mechanism whcih is combat proven and widely used in Europe though less common in the US. This is an excellent pistol for home defense, carry, or target/match level shooting. - J. O.

EAA Witness Semi-Auto Pistol 999154, 45 ACP, 3.6", Polymer Grip, Blue Finish, 8 Rd, Polymer Frame
Just had to get this one and am I glad that I did. Great value for a compact high caliber gun. Put a tactical led flashlight on the picatinny rail. Sights are good. Good feel while shooting. Excellent lightweight handgun. Recommend. - F. K.

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