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   PISTOLS 362
   10mm 19
   22 Long Rifle 3
   357 Sig Sauer 14
   380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 10
   40 S&W 3
   40 Smith & Wesson 55
   41 Smith & Wesson 1
   45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 29
   45 Glock Automatic Pistol GAP 4
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   Double 295
   Semi-Auto 8
   Other 32
   6 36
   8 1
   9 7
   10 132
   12 1
   13 32
   15 90
   17 61
   19 2
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   3 " 62
   4 " 228
   5 " 64
   6 " 8
   Glock 362
10mm (19)
22 Long Rifle (3)
357 Sig Sauer (14)
380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (10)
40 S&W (3)
40 Smith & Wesson (55)
41 Smith & Wesson (1)
45 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP (29)
45 Glock Automatic Pistol GAP (4)
9mm (219)
9mm Luger (5)

6 (36)
8 (1)
9 (7)
10 (132)
12 (1)
13 (32)
15 (90)
17 (61)
19 (2)

Glock Pistols

Glock Pistols
Testimonials from our Customers
Glock 41 Gen4 Practical/Tactical Pistol PG4130103, 45 ACP, 5.31 in, Polymer Grip, Black Finish, 13 Rd
I thought my Sig P 227 was the best .45 double-action I ever shot....until I fired this Glock 41. Simply put, it doesn't get any better than this. The Glock is so beautifully designed, you can shoot it as fast as you can pull the trigger. So help me, I can hit a bulls eye target as fast with this 41 as I can with my Ruger Mark III 22. It digests all ammo, from 185 grain plus P, to standard 230 harball, to Buffalo Bore 230 plus P. The Buffalo Bore ammo chronographed 1,015 out of the long 5.3 inch barrel. Accuracy is incredible. From a bench rest at 25 yards, standard Federal 230 grain hardball grouped 1 1/2". RWS ammo grouped just over 1". This isn't just match accuracy, it's just plain accurate for anything. The really surprising thing for me is the lack of recoil in spite of the light weight. The 41 is smaller than a 1911. It carries very well. Just make sure you're comfortable with the trigger. You can accidentally trip it if you're not careful. Make sure you have a holster that covers the trigger and be careful in and out of holster. Simple cautions will mean you can carry this gun anywhere. It is high capacity. 13 plus 1 rounds of .45 ACP, especially Buffalo Bore's great 230 grain plus P full metal jacket flat point, will give you woods protection against black bears if necessary. Not a good idea to just have the .45, but sometimes you are just in the woods hiking and aren't carrying anything heavier. You owe it to yourself to try one out. Best thing Glock ever made. If I had one thing on my wish list, it would be a low-profile, adjustable night sight about the same size as the Glock factory sight. The Meprolight is very large with a .3" front sight that gets in the way of many holsters. - JOE

Glock 27 Subcompact Pistol PI2750201, 40 S&W, 3.46 in, Polymer Grip, Black Finish, Fixed Sights, 9 Rd
The Glock .40 model 27 is awesome. It comes with two mags. It shoots like a dream. Recoil is far less than I had expected. Make no mistake, this will stop an attacker cold. The trigger pull is very easy, just a gentle squeeze launches a very lethal caliber round. I shot 50 rounds through it with no problems. I am using full metal jacket ammo, as recommended by the dealer. If your looking for a big gun that packs a very big punch, think about this gun. I have carried everything from a Kel Tec .32 to a 9mm, but nothing that packs the punch this Glock has. While its classified as a compact it is a little harder to conceal than the smaller guns I have carried. I am nearly 70 and like most senior citizens have arthritis and other ailments that caused me to be reluctant about buying this big of a gun. I am very happy to report that it is now my primary conceal carry weapon, and shooting it is enjoyable. - WALTER

Glock 26 Subcompact Pistol PI2650201, 9mm, 3.46 in, Polymer Grip, Black Finish, Fixed Sights, 10 Rd
This is the second Glock 26 that I have purchased. I have no complaints as this is a dependable and compliant weapon especiallly under fire and in combat. I highly recommend the Glock 26 for any one in need of a concealable, dependable, weapon. - L. C.

Glock 23 Compact Pistol PI2350203, 40 S&W, 4.02 in, Polymer Grip, Black Finish, Fixed Sights, 13 Rd
Despite initial resistance from the market to accept a 'plastic gun' due to concerns about their durability and reliability, Glock pistols have become the company's most profitable line of products, commanding 65% of the market share of handguns for United States law enforcement agencies. - R. R.

Glock 17 Standard Pistol PI1750203, 9mm, 4.49 in, Polymer Grip, Black Finish, Fixed Sights, 17 Rd
Great duty firearm and GREAT target gun. Everyone should get one. - J. C.

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