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Cleaning Kits

Testimonials from our Customers
J Dewey AR Kit-36 Complete AR-15 Cleaning Kit w/36" Rod
Very pleased with this comprehensive cleaning kit. I have also purchased a similar kit for cleaning my .308 after seeing the Dewey quality product. -

Otis 1000 Elite Cleaning Kit
This kit is fantastic!I have been a sportsman all of my short life and I have never owned a nicer,easier to use,or more complete cleaning sytem than the elite.The price is even better on Abble than any were else.Thank you. - G. S.

Otis 750 Tactical Cleaning System
Product works as advertised. Cleaning from breech to barrel is possible for all kind of guns/rifles, as opposed to the straight rod cleaners. The one thing the buyer has to do is to buy additional patches and larger bore cleaner (2oz) from Otis or other vendors. I am not sure if it has a special 10 gauge bronze brush, the kit I have only has the 20 and 12 gauge brush enclosed in a vial. It is compact and other kits are available for cleaning all parts of gun/rifle components. - J. P.

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Birchwood Casey Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit (41601)


  MPN: 41601  UPC: 029057416015
Birchwood Casey Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit (41603)


  MPN: 41603  UPC: 029057416039
Birchwood Casey Universal Shotgun Cleaning Kit (41605)


  MPN: 41605  UPC: 029057416053
Flitz Knife & Gun Care Cleaning Kit KG41501


  MPN: KG41501  UPC: 065925415018
Flitz Knife Restoration Kit (KR41511)


  MPN: KR41511  UPC: 065925415117
Frog Lube Frog Complete Weapon Care System (15234)


  MPN: 15234  UPC: 736211152343
Hoppes 24000 .22 Caliber Quick Cleaning Boresnake w/Brass Weight

$14.99 $9.99 (Save: $5.00)
  MPN: 24000  UPC: 026285240009
Hoppes 24011 22/223 Quick Cleaning Boresnake w/Brass Weight


  MPN: 24011  UPC: 026285240115
Hoppes BoreSnake Viper Bore Cleaner 20 Ga (24033V)


  MPN: 24033V  UPC: 026285240962
J Dewey 6LBK38 Pistol Cleaning Kit for 38 Cal


  MPN: 6LBK38  UPC: 608060700078
J Dewey 6LBK38 Pistol Cleaning Kit for 45 Cal


  MPN: 6LBK45  UPC: 608060700092
J Dewey FK-223 AR15/M16 Pull-thru Field Kit


  MPN: FK223  UPC: 608060100472
Shooters Choice Universal Gun Care Pack MC/FPL/RP


  MPN: CLP01  UPC: 027784123015
Pro-Shot Professional 12/16 Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: S12/16KIT  UPC: 709779400904
Bushmaster Universal Gun Care Pack 8 Piece (758I)


  MPN: 758I  UPC: 053371007581
DAC 17 Rifle Cleaning Kit 14-Piece (GM17R)


  MPN: GM17R  UPC: 761903381923
DAC 223 AR-15 Gun Cleaning Kit 17 Piece (GM223AR)


  MPN: GM223AR  UPC: 761903381916
DAC 270/7MM Rifle Cleaning Kit 14-Piece (GM7LR)


  MPN: GM7LR  UPC: 761903381893
DAC 30LR Rifle Cleaning Kit 14-Piece (GM30LR)


  MPN: GM30LR  UPC: 761903381909
DAC 38/9 Pistol Cleaning Kit 14-Piece (GM9P)


  MPN: GM9P  UPC: 761903381817
DAC 410 Shotgun Cleaning Kit 14-Piece (GM410SG)


  MPN: GM410SG  UPC: 761903381862
DAC Rifle Cleaning Kit UGC172C, 17-22 Caliber, 10 Piece


  MPN: UGC172C  UPC: 761903368795
DAC UGC100S 61 Piece Super Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit w/Custom Case


  MPN: UGC100S  UPC: 761903368801
DAC UGC66C 17 Piece Universal Gun Cleaning Kit


  MPN: UGS66C  UPC: 761903367873
DAC Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit 8 Piece (HGC2459)


  MPN: HGC2459  UPC: 761903368788
DAC Winchester Universal 14 Piece Shotgun Cleaning Kit (363080)


  MPN: 363080  UPC: 761903363080
DAC Winchester Universal 18 Piece Cleaning Kit (363073)


  MPN: 363073  UPC: 761903363073
DAC Winchester Universal 21 Piece Cleaning Kit (363059)


  MPN: 363059  UPC: 761903363059
DAC Winchester Universal 24 Piece Cleaning Kit (363066)


  MPN: 363066  UPC: 761903363066
DAC Winchester Universal 30 Piece Cleaning Kit (363233)


  MPN: 363233  UPC: 761903363233
DAC Winchester Universal 32 Piece Cleaning Kit (363134)


  MPN: 363134  UPC: 761903363134
Galco Cleaner/Conditioner Cleaning Kit 4 oz (ACON)


  MPN: ACON  UPC: 601299179028
Displaying 1 to 50 (of 344 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  [Next >>] 

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