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   22 Long Rifle 7
   22 Long Rifle-22 Magnum 26
   32 Harrington & Richardson Magnum 1
   357 Magnum 2
   45 Colt 6
   Single 42
   6 39
   9 3
   4 " 5
   5 " 10
   6 " 3
   7 " 19
   8 " 2
   9 " 3
   Heritage Firearms 42

Heritage Pistols

Heritage Pistols
Testimonials from our Customers
Heritage Rough Rider Revolver/Holster Combo RR22MB6BXHOL, 22 LR / 22 WMR, 6 1/2 in, Wood Grip, Blue Finish, 6 Rd, w/Holster & Case
I\'ve owned three Rough Rider .22s. I decided to trade up to the top of American Heritage\'s .22 line, and bought a steel-framed version with day-glow front and rear sights and a 9\" barrel. It outshoots my Ruger Single-Six with both types of ammunition. That\'s no knock on the Ruger - it\'s an excellent gun - but the Rough Rider is REALLY accurate and easy to use against dark backgrounds, thanks to those sights, and it\'s very powerful with magnums, thanks to the long barrel and the tiny cylinder gap. The long barrel also quiets .22 CBs, and makes Aguila\'s Colibri rounds almost noiseless. In short, I like the gun very much. It can be everything from a backyard plinker to a serious defensive arm against small predators. I suppose a real expert could even take down deer-sized game with it if he were desperate enough. - J. U.

Heritage Rough Rider Single Action Rimfire Revolver RR22MB3BHPRL, 22 LR / 22 WMR, 3.75", Bird Head/Mother Of Pearl Grip, Blue Finish, 6 Rd
I bought this gun in 2000. I was looking for an inexpensive home defense and target gun and this one just looked cool with its short barrel and mother-of-pearl grips. I\'ve shot 3-4000 rounds of 22LR through this, including 100 rounds a month for the last two years. Also shot around 200 rounds of 22 Mag. Gun is still tight, easy to shoot and accurate. I carried it in my car for about five years before moving up to a larger gun. I\'ve got a 44 Bulldog and a Glock 19 and this is still the gun I keep loaded under the bed. So cheap, fun to shoot and reliable that I\'m buying another - 6.5 inch, satin with black mother-of-pearl - for better target shooting. - J. K.

Heritage Rough Rider Single Action Rimfire Revolver RR22MB6, 22 LR / 22 WMR, 6 1/2", Wood Grip, Blue Finish, 6 Rd
Pretty decent firearm for the price. In fact, it\'s outstanding. Went and handled one and decided to buy. It\'s not the best finish in the world but the feel of the gun seemed to be quality. Went straight home and started shooting. WOW, I\'m impressed. .22 ammo is cheap so this buy was a good one if you like to plink and not spend a fortune on centerfire rounds. The gun is tight and I\'m pretty accurate with .22lr. Only thing is with the .22 mag I hit high and to the left. Can\'t figure it out, the sight is straight so who knows. I use .22lr the most anyway becuase it is so much cheaper. But, having a .22 mag cylinder is nice, it\'s pretty powerful stuff. Like I said, the finish is a little rough but looks good enough. I always give it a good cleaning and oil the entire thing after everytime I shoot it. I have at least 750 rounds through it and it still looks new. Cylinder is tight and the gun is smooth working. Never had one problem with it. I actually enjoy shooting this more than my Ruger MarkII becuase it is so much easier to clean afterward. You can\'t put as many rounds down range with the single action but it\'s a blast to shoot. Loading and unloading takes a little more time but you get faster at it. Love the look of the 6.5 inch barrel, great gun. It does exactly what I bought it to do and I didn\'t spend much on it. - J. S.

Heritage Rough Rider Single Action Rimfire Revolver RR22MB9, 22 LR / 22 WMR, 9", Wood Grip, Blue Finish, 6 Rd
This is my new favorite range revolver. It's cheap to shoot and a real deal for the money. The ad is right. The cylinder lockup is tight and the gun feels good all around. With the long barrel, I can just point and shoot without using the sights and get 3" goups at 25 feet. The fit and finish is very good for the price. I haven't had it long enough to see how the finish wears, but the wood grips are beautiful. I recommend this gun for fun factor, price, and it looks impressive with the extra long barrel. - C. T.

Heritage Rough Rider Single Action Rimfire Revolver RR22MB9, 22 LR / 22 WMR, 9", Wood Grip, Blue Finish, 6 Rd
I love this gun, it's just what I was looking for a relatively low cost fun shooting, accurate 22 revolver. I could only find this gun in the stores in the 6 inch barrel, I'm glad I waited and found the 9 inch barrel on this website. Great customer service too, they even called my FFL guy and straightened out the delayed paperwork to put my new fun gun in my hands. - K. K.

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