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   22 Long Rifle 1
   22 Magnum 5
   223 Remington-5.56 NATO 1
   32 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 8
   380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 10
   9mm 13
   Double 32
   Single 6
   6 10
   7 15
   10 7
   27 1
   30 5
   2-3/4 " 9
   3 " 22
   4 " 5
   9 " 1
   10 " 1
   Kel-Tec 38

Kel-Tec Handguns

Kel-Tec Handguns
Testimonials from our Customers
Kel-Tec P-3AT Semi-Auto Pistol P3AT, 380 ACP, 2-3/4", Polymer Grip, Blue Steel Finish, 6 Rd
I fired 50 Aguila FMJs and 25 Aguila hollow point rounds through my P3-AT .380 today. It was the first time I had taken the pistol to the range. The Aguila brand ammunition was the only available ammo I could find, but the pistol seemed to like the stuff. First of all; no jams, no stovepipes, no feeding issues, no problems with operation what so ever. I had read that the pistol needed a break in period of about 100 rounds fired through it before it could be considered a dependable CC weapon. Maybe I purchased a Wednesday model, but my P3-AT did not have any malfunctions. Accuracy was fairly impressive considering the length of the barrel. I started out at seven yards from my target and fired the weapon using the “loading the trigger” method of firing. This produced baseball sized shot groups. At fifteen yards, the weapon produced pie plate sized shot groups consistently and on occasion landed three and four shots into a softball sized area. After 75 rounds, my index finger was sore…but it was worth the time and effort to prove to myself that the P3-AT in .380 is a dandy little sub compact pistol that I will recommend to friends and family. Summary 3 inch groups @ 7 yards 8 1/2 inch groups at 15 yards No malfunctions, jams etc. - J. M.

Kel-Tec P-3AT Semi-Auto Pistol P3AT, 380 ACP, 2-3/4", Polymer Grip, Blue Steel Finish, 6 Rd
I was looking for a small c.c. gun went to local gun shop and looked around saw that the hi point guns were very cheap so that is what i looked at then i saw how big and heavy it was. I said to my self if i'm going to carry this i might as well carry my glock. Then i saw this little gun ask to see it and i was amazed how light it was and small. So i ask about it and was told verry good after break in. I bought the gun brought it home with some gold dot ammo . Could'nt wait to shoot this gun 1st clip no jams. So i cleaned the gun real good and bought some ball ammo 1st box a few misfires. 2nd box NO MISFIRES. Cleaned gun again and found that the firing pin was a little dry and need some oil. Oiled that baby up took it back out for a test fire and the firing pin was hitting the primer alot harder. I think i will have no more problems. I would recommend this gun. 1 inch groups at 7 yards. - J. R.

Kel-Tec P-3AT Semi-Auto Pistol P3AT, 380 ACP, 2-3/4", Polymer Grip, Blue Steel Finish, 6 Rd
Good conceal weapon. I know this for a fact as I had to shot my way out of a pack of wild dogs this archery season. The 20 foot gun is deadly all head shots and all you got to do is practice a bit. The best point and shot gun I have ever owned. - R. M.

Kel-Tec P-3AT Semi-Auto Pistol P3AT, 380 ACP, 2-3/4", Polymer Grip, Blue Steel Finish, 6 Rd
The Kel-Tec is great but you have to follow some rules for flawless performance: use something lighter than 95 grain . 2nd oil the helck out of it when new and do not wipe the first day- this allows the lub to soak into the metal . Than ,I use a wax lube from my crossbow on the slide surfaces- great stuff and seems to never wear out- never had a jam except on my first 10 rounds -had not oiled it.. Never had another jam for several hundred rounds. - R. M.

Kel-Tec P-3AT Semi-Auto Pistol P3AT, 380 ACP, 2-3/4", Polymer Grip, Blue Steel Finish, 6 Rd
One of the best 380s I have ever owned. Concealable beyond belief-I often forget I have it on me. Saved my bacon more than once- in a garage parking a thug jumped my old bones - one look at the bore in his face convinced him to wait for an arrest. He was arrested and I was thanked . On another occasion, I was in the woods archery hunting. I left my crossbow to answer natures call and a pack of narely dogs surrounded me as I squatting,My hand slowly slipped into my pocket and at the same time the alpha male approached straight on- that was his last macho move-my 380 gave him another eye at 20 feet. I let loose and got two more out of 5 shots- not bad .Probable the best crap of my life . I also carry an extra clip also,just in case. The gun is accurate the more you practice - it took me 50 rounds to get most shot in the head at 20 feet. - R. M.

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