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   22 Long Rifle 16
   22 Long Rifle-22 Magnum 10
   22 Magnum 39
   22 Short 1
   32 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 2
   32 North American Arms 1
   380 Automatic Colt Pistol ACP 3
   Double 6
   Double/Single 6
   Single 60
   5 65
   6 6
   Other 1
   1 " 12
   1-5/8 " 2
   1-1/8 " 16
   2 " 23
   3 " 10
   4 " 7
   6 " 2
   North American Arms 72

North American Arms Handguns

North American Arms Handguns
Testimonials from our Customers
North American 22 Magnum Mini-Revolver Ported North American22MSP, 22 Magnum (WMR), 1.12 in, Rosewood Grip, Stainless Finish, 5 Rd
I own the Black jack which is very similar to this model. I'm glad I bought it and have put several rounds throught the gun and enjoy every moment shooting it. If you do not own one you have to purchase one. It is a must have piece. The gun at 30 ft will put a tight group in the bulls eye. I was a little concern reading some of the reviews before I bought my Black Jack. Now having one and shoting all the rounds thru the gun I wonder if they really shot what ever they had and was writting about? not sure! But make no mistake this gun at 30ft will put a tight group in the bulls eye with practice every time. I carry it most of the time and can shoot five rounds fast. Happy Shooting, Frank G - FRANK

North American Sidewinder Revolver North AmericanSWC, 22 Magnum/22 LR, 1 5/8 in, Wood Grip, Stainless Finish, 5 Rd
The Ranger is a great 22 mag pistol! They cost a little more, but they are acccurate shooters and VERY convenient and safe to load and unload!!!! I have 5 of them and love them all. I shoot the Rem 33 grain ballistic tip in them and they are deadly for anything you point it at, like all NAA pistols!! These are magnificent pistols!! It is a real shame that only 500 of them were made before production ceased. if you can find one, buy it immediately!!!!! KVH - K. V.

North American Mini-Revolver HGBKLLR, 22 LR, 1 5/8", Black Holster Grip, Stainless Finish, 5 Rd
I have carried this gun for over a year,it clips on your pocket in locked mode eveyone thinks it's a cell phone.easy to load and shoot,I keep 1 round of birdshot in cylinder 4 rounds hollow points in other 4.shoots 15" groups at 12 yards. great little gun for personal protection.the way cylinder locks very safe - B. M.

North American Mini-Revolver 22MS, 22 Magnum (WMR), 1-1/8", Rosewood Grip, Stainless Finish, 5 Rd
The pistol is very tiny but in .22 magnum it does have plenty of punch. I found the recoil to be very low and very easy to control. A very fine product and I will be buying some of their accessories. - B. M.

North American Black Widow Revolver BWL, 22 LR, 2", Black Rubber Grip, Stainless Finish, 5 Rd, Fixed Sights
I purchased the Black Widow in November 2011. I took it to the range to test fire it and found the following. I found it to be quite impressive for such a small weapon. It has plenty of weight and the grip is just fine for me. I test fired it and then compared it to the 38 snub nose I carry. I found it to pull just a little to the left and down slightly. I though it may have been me with a new weapon (and it still may have been), so I pullled out my 38 snub nose to compare. My 38 cal hit the target with center kill shots, while my Black Widow was slightly left, yet still very capable of dropping what you are aiming at. Both guns were used at a distance of approximately 32 feet. My Black Widow is much easier to conceal compared to the snubnose. I use the Hornady mag 45 gr ftx load and it is quite impressive. I carry the Black Widow most of the time and I do not worry about its stopping power. One item I want to mention, after firing, do not expect to quickly reload this weapon. I had to use the cylinder rod to remove some of the spent cartridges from the cylinder. All in all, I would recommend this gun to anyone who wants to carry an easily hidden, quick close up, self defense weapon for use within a 30 feet range. - JOSEPH

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