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   Youth Rifle 7
   22 Long Rifle 1
   22 Long Rifle-22 Magnum 1
   22-250 Remington 2
   223 Remington-5.56 NATO 7
   243 Winchester 9
   270 Winchester 3
   30-06 Springfield 2
   30-30 Winchester 2
   308 Winchester 4
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   Break Open 33
   Lever 57
   Single / Double 4
   Other 2
   16 " 15
   19 " 7
   20 " 29
   22 " 10
   23 " 23
   24 " 12
   Rossi Firearms 96
22 Long Rifle (1)
22 Long Rifle-22 Magnum (1)
22-250 Remington (2)
223 Remington-5.56 NATO (7)
243 Winchester (9)
270 Winchester (3)
30-06 Springfield (2)
30-30 Winchester (2)
308 Winchester (4)
35 Whelen (1)
357 Magnum (15)
410-45 Long Colt (5)
44 Remington Magnum (15)
44-40 Winchester (5)
45 Colt (14)
45-70 Government (3)
454 Casull (5)
7.62mmX39mm (1)
7mm-08 Remington (1)

Rossi Single Shot Rifles feature hand-fitted wood stocks, Rossi's recoil pad with the distinctive white-line spacer, fully adjustable sights and sling swivels.Rossi rifles feature 3 safety systems to ensure that your shooting is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Each Rossi Single Shot Rifle incorporates the transfer bar mechanism which stops the hammer from striking the firing pin unless the hammer has been cocked and the trigger pulled rearward. This helps prevent accidental firing from drops or impact. Rossi rifles incorporate our breech lock system, which prevents the action from being opened or closed when the hammer is cocked. All new rifle models feature our manual hammer block safety, something that only Rossi rifles offer. When the safety lever is engaged, the hammer block system elevates a blocking bar that prevents the hammer from reaching the transfer bar mechanism and the firing pin. Over 100 years of firearms design has taught us that safety comes first and foremost. Rossi standard profile rifles feature adjustable sights - the front adjusts for windage and rear for elevation. All models are also drilled and tapped for a scope mount base. When combined with the crisp trigger pull of a Rossi rifle, these guns are sure to hit the mark.

Rossi Rifles

Rossi Rifles
Testimonials from our Customers
Rossi Circuit Judge 45/410 SCJ4510, 410/45 Colt, 18 1/2 in, Hardwood Stock, Blue Finish
Just got my Circuit Judge. I shot for the first time and was very happy. 75 yards open sights using .45 LC and it's dead on the button. I want to set up for an 100 yard shot and I'm sure it will be on target. Never had to touch the sights out of the box. I then put the .410 choke tube in and it shoots great. Bunnies beware you wont get away from this gun. Wonderful multi-purpose gun. I agree the wood finish isn't the greatest but for a hunting rifle it's a dandy. Hats off to Rossi. - E. F.

Rossi Circuit Judge 45/410 SCJ4510, 410/45 Colt, 18 1/2 in, Hardwood Stock, Blue Finish
I have a Circuit Judge and the gun is a great deal of fun to shoot and I\'m a lefty. The quality of the wood finish will turn most anyone off. The first thing I did was refinish the stock. Very bad sanding and staining job, no final finish. I still bought it for its originality. Buyer beware of finish. God bless and enjoy your shooting. - D. K.

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