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Available Items Only
Min $
Max $
   38 Special 150
   Double 50
   Double/Single 71
   Single 10
   Other 18
   5 105
   6 28
   7 2
   Other 15
   1-1/8 " 1
   1 " 2
   1-7/8 " 4
   2 " 102
   3 " 5
   4 " 11
   5 " 8
   6 " 7
   7 " 3
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   Bersa Firearms 4
   Charter Arms 32
   Chiappa Firearms 1
   Cimarron Firearms 1
   Colt Firearms 3
   EAA Firearms 2
   Rossi Firearms 3
   Ruger Firearms 13
   Smith and Wesson 40
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1-1/8 " (1)
1 " (2)
1-7/8 " (4)
2 " (102)
3 " (5)
4 " (11)
5 " (8)
6 " (7)
7 " (3)
8 " (7)

Bersa Firearms (4)
Charter Arms (32)
Chiappa Firearms (1)
Cimarron Firearms (1)
Colt Firearms (3)
EAA Firearms (2)
Rossi Firearms (3)
Ruger Firearms (13)
Smith and Wesson (40)
Taurus Firearms (30)
Taylors (4)
Uberti Firearms (17)


Testimonials from our Customers
Smith & Wesson 637 Performance Center Revolver 170349, 38 Special, 1-7/8", Basketweave Wood Grips, Matte Silver Finish
My husband got me this gun for Christmas and I love it!! It fits perfectly in my hand, great balance, and the basket patterned wood grip is beautiful. I shot it for the first time and the action is so smooth, the kick is less that what I expected for such a short barrel. It fits comfortably in my purse and I could not be happier, best purchase!! - LANAN DESHA

Smith & Wesson 442 Airweight Revolver 162810, 38 Special, 1 7/8", Rubber Grip, Blue Finish, 5 Rd, Round Butt
I have a Smith & Wesson model 442 and love it . My regular CCW is a Glock-19 9mm . The Smith is a better Summer carry . It fits neatly in a pocket or a belly band and is undetectable in most summer wear . Practice shooting or dry shooting it as it has a rough trigger pull . It will not go off by accident. I find it very accurate at 10-20 feet . What more is needed in self defense ? - F. F.

Smith & Wesson 442 Airweight Revolver 162810, 38 Special, 1 7/8", Rubber Grip, Blue Finish, 5 Rd, Round Butt
A really great weapon for concealed carry. Very light weight, even when loaded. It can kick a bit because of the light weight but my wife loves this weapon, even with +P ammo and believe me if anyone would complain about something my wife would. I would recommend it for anyone for concealed carry. - R. C.

Smith & Wesson 67 Revolver 162802, 38 Special, 4", Rubber Grip, Stainless Finish, 6 Rd, Red Ramp Sights
The 4" model 67 is one of two 38 caliber revolvers I own, the other being a 6" model 14. S&W is known to manufacture quality revolvers and the 67 certainly is a quality product. It is THE gun of my collection that I feel confident using as a defensive weapon for my home. Despite the fact that my model 14 has a 6" barrel vs my Model 67's 4" barrel, I shoot as accurately with the 67 as I do with the 14. I think I can attribute that fact to the "red ramp" front sight which contributes to extremely accurate shooting. The "red ramp" is highly visible and its design makes lining up the front sight with the target highly intuitive. However, the "red ramp" can also be an impediment for some holsters. The hammer and trigger on my 67 may not be as "buttery smooth" as the hammer and trigger on my model 14 but it is certainly adequate. The 67 is rated to shoot +P ammo and I have shot several rounds of +P ammo 158 grain in this revolver. Shooting +P the trigger snaps forward violently once the round goes off. I don't use +P ammo in my 14 since it was manufactured in 1978. Overall, an excellent revolver particularly for home premises protection. - R. G.

Smith & Wesson 442 Airweight Revolver 162810, 38 Special, 1 7/8", Rubber Grip, Blue Finish, 5 Rd, Round Butt
I have two - great gun. A must for every gun owner. It shoots very well and fits in any small pocket. Never will I carry another 38 revolver it's one to hold on to. Great protection, love the feel of it. Thank you Smith & Wesson for this model. - K. C.

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