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Home » Blaser Firearms » Blaser Rifles » Blaser R93 Bolt Action Rifles
Wednesday 18 October, 2017  
Blaser R93 Bolt Action Rifles

R 93 Bolt Action Rifle

Models - Special Models - Grades

The R 93 system is the most successful hunting rifle system of the 20th century. It raises the bar on basic features common to all Blaser rifles.

Call 1-866-988-ABLE for ordering information.



     Bolt Action Rifles

The R93 system is the most successful hunting rifle system of the 20th century. It raises the bar on basic features common to all Blaser rifles.


  • Manual cocking system
  • Straight-pull bolt action
  • Direct triggers
  • Easy handling
  • Free floating barrel
  • Robust action and barrel finish
  • Original Blaser saddle mount
  • Disassembly
  • Diversity

R93 Attaché
     Simply Sublime

The fluted barrel exudes functional elegance and noticeably reduces the weight of the rifle. The bolt head and trigger are titanium-nitrated (gold-colored). At the end of the forearm is a black drop shape. Finishing the buttstock is a black, grained rubber cap. The action is anodized in black. Wooden side plates match the beautifully grained wood stock (grade 7), as does the wooden ball on the bolt handle.

R93 Professional
     Perfect for harsh conditions

Elastomer inserts in the ergonomically designed pistol grip and the forearm area ensure secure handling even in wet weather. The one-piece dark green synthetic stock is shatter-proof and thermostable even under extreme temperatures. The length of pull measures 14.4" including the 0.4" rubber recoil pad. Different rubber recoil pads are optional.

R93 Professional Camo
     The art of camouflage

The R 93 Professional Camo combines the superior features of the R 93 Professional with the ultimate in camouflage. The Mossy Oak™ design blends bark, shadows, foliage and soil features, imitating fall woodland perfectly and making the rifle virtually invisible from a distance.

R93 Safari
     When the going gets tough

The heavy barrel, broad forearm and kickstop in the buttstock, make the R 93 Safari relatively pleasant to shoot regardless of caliber class: .375 H+H or .416 Rem. Mag. Easy takedown and safe storage in a compact, durable rifle case make it easy to transport the R 93 on long journeys. The carrying case is available as an accessory.

R93 Selous
     Tomorrow's Safari legend

Blaser's latest variation of the R 93 Safari line represents the most uncompromising rifle on the market when it comes to big game hunting.

Named after the famous big game hunter and adventurer Frederic Courteney Selous, the new R 93 not only pays tribute to the pioneers of dangerous game hunting. Much more than that it represents a reliable companion as well as a highly sophisticated technical tool.


  • Steel receiver custom case hardened, with gold coloured lettering "Selous" on both sides
  • Black steel ball on bolt handle (with gold inlays), optional: wooden ball
  • Black steel cocking slide
  • Trigger weight 1.500 g


  • 416 Rem. and .375 H&H Mag. in Safari barrel contour
  • .300 Win. Mag. in Semi Weight barrel contour


  • Safari style open sights with V-shaped rear sights and a classic bead


  • Wood grade 7
  • Monte Carlo cheekpiece with rabbet
  • Original red "Silver" rubber recoil pad
  • Kickstop fitted in the buttstock
  • Custom case hardened steel pistol grip cap, without engraving
  • Sling swivel fitted into the buttstock
  • Black forearm tip

R93 Stutzen

The shortened length optimizes handling and manageability, the split forearm ensures consistent accuracy and is refined with a black finish.

The octagonal barrel accentuates the R 93 Stutzen's sleek profile.

R93 Varmint
     Far-reaching capabilities

The R 93 Varmint has a fluted Match barrel and an individually adjustable comb to ensure an ergonomic aiming position. The extra wide forearm offers both a secure grip and a stable support base, and features an integrated rail for the optional bipod.

R93 Semi Weight
     Single Shot Rifles

The muzzle of the Semi Weight barrel measures 0.8" across. The Semi Weight barrel is approximately 0.8 lb heavier than the standard barrel.

Whether aiming quickly at moving game or shooting over long distances, the weight distribution of the Semi Weight barrel effectively increases aiming stability and accuracy.

Extensive testing shows that the R 93 Semi Weight consistently improves the shooters performance. Even when shooting freehand or with a support that is less than ideal, the Semi Weight barrel stabilizes the rifle and minimizes recoil. This, in turn, helps to install inner calm and greater self-confidence, two factors that directly impact your success.

Thanks to interchangeable barrels, hunters can have both normal and Semi Weight options at the ready. After all, preferences and conditions change from hunt to hunt.

The Semi Weight barrel can also be fluted.

R93 Match
     Far-reaching capabilities

Designed for training and competition shooting, this bolt action rifle features the heavy fluted match barrel without open sights.

R93 Rimfire
     The R93 as a Rimfire Rifle

With the innovative modular system R 93 Rimfire, every R 93 can be converted into a rimfire rifle within seconds. For the first time it is now possible for the R93 owner to use his beloved R93 for training purposes with rimfire ammunition - inexpensive, with minimal recoil and low noise pollution.

The R93 Rimfire is also ideally suited to hunt small game.

The modular system integrates the barrel with the magazine, a special elongated bolt head and the bolt catch insert, which replaces the regular magazine and makes for an extremely short bolt cycle.

The R 93 Rimfire also features a new magazine conception: The compact five-shot magazine is inserted directly into the barrel on the right side below the scope mount.
The modular system R 93 Rimfire is available from qualified specialized Blaser dealers in the following calibres:

  • .22 lr
  • .22 Win. Mag
  • .17HMR


Special Models

R93 Duo Hamed
     R 93 Duo "Mod. Hamed"

H.H. Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Minister for Economic Affairs of the Emirate Abu-Dhabi, passionate hunter and owner of a series of miscellaneous R 93 models, gave the impulse for a new and very special Blaser rifle type. As in certain situations during the hunt, a rifle with two barrels can be advantageous, H.H. Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan had the vision of this very precious rifle and wishing that dream could come true, he contacted Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH in Germany.

In cooperation with the excellent technical expertise of the Blaser team, he finally succeeded in designing a classical bolt action rifle with the speed of a side-by-side rifle. The R 93 Duo "Model Hamed" is equipped with two side-by-side barrels and receivers, thus offering all well-known advantages of the R 93. With each bolt action, 2 cartridges are places into the barrels simultaneously, so that it is possible to use the R 93 Duo like a classic side-by-side double rifle. The magazine contains six cartridges and two additional cartridges are loaded in the barrels.

H.H. Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan had his own R 93 Duo "Model Hamed" designed in a very special way: English Rose and Scroll engraving with gold inlays on the receiver, bolt head, open sight and saddle mount. Gold-plated triggers, a precious Turkish walnut stock with lavish flower carvings and scale ornaments.

The extraordinary rifle R 93 Duo "Model Hamed" is currently only made to order.


R93 Prestige

  • Discreet arabesque engraving
  • Selected grained walnut
  • Walnut grade 3


R93 Luxus

  • Great choice of animal engravings.
  • Fine arabesque engraving and wood edition with wooden side plates also available. In the wood edition the action can be anodized in black.
  • Walnut grade 4.


R93 Grand Luxe

  • The attractively priced, elevated grade.
  • Plain elegance and classic ornaments blend together with beautifully grained walnut. Trigger guard, top and underside of action are hand engraved.
  • Walnut grade 5.


R93 Super Luxus

  • Traditional flat engraving with two animals on both sides of the action plate, pure ornament engravings also possible
  • Choice of ornamentation: English arabesques, oak leaves or old German leaf arabesques
  • Single shot rifles also decorated on the barrel base, bolt action rifles on the trigger guard
  • Long side plates on the D 99 und S2
  • Pistol grip with silver cap and animal engraving or monogram
  • Beautifully grained walnut
  • Wood grade 6


R93 Exclusiv

  • Two animals deeply engraved on either side of the rifle. Your choice of game.
  • Deeply engraved ornamentation: English arabesques, oak leaves or old German leaf arabesques. Other ornamentation upon request.
  • Ornamentation on the barrel base of single shot rifles, and on the trigger guard and bolt housing of bolt action rifles.
  • Silver pistol grip cap can be engraved with an animal scene or a monogram.
  • Exquisite walnut grain with elegant carvings.
  • Wood grade 7


R93 Super Exclusiv

  • Break action rifles feature elongated side plates.
  • Four animals of choice engraved in a flat style on each side of the action and one animal on the underside.
  • Finely engraved trigger guard and barrel base with gold inlay. The R 93 features a fully engraved bolt housing.
  • Select ornamentation. More exotic ornamentation such as thistle leaves, arolla pine branches and maple leaves are possible.
  • Titanium-nitrated, gold-colored trigger.
  • Silver pistol grip cap engraved with an animal or monogram.
  • Rare walnut wood with lavish carvings
  • Wood grade 8


R93 Imperial

  • Break actiion rifles have elongated action plates.
  • Lavishily chased relief engraving. Four animals of choice depicted on each action plate, one animal on the under side.
  • Ornate trigger guard and barrel base with gold inlay. The R 93 features a fully engraved bolt housing.
  • Select ornamentation. More exotic ornamentation such as thistle leaves, arolla pine branches and maple leaves are possible.
  • Titanium-nitrated, gold-colored trigger, locking block respectively bolt head.
  • Sliver pistol grip cap engraved with animals or monogram
  • Sumptuous root wood with lavish carvings
  • Wood grade 9


R93 Custom Imperial

There are no limits to the creative freedom in our highest engraving category. Every masterpiece is an individual und unique example of weapon culture, merging your ideas with our most precious creations.
Bulino style engravings are characterised by extremely fine hatchings, dots and microscopic lines on the surface. The combination of photorealistic impression and exclusive golden inlays turn your weapon into an artwork that is second to none.



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