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Available Items Only
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Max $
   Left Handed 9
   Youth Rifle 17
   22 Long Rifle 695
   Bolt 226
   Break Open 15
   Falling Block 3
   Lever 85
   Pump 2
   Rolling Block 1
   Semi-Auto 353
   Single Shot 2
   Other 8
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   9 " 4
   16 " 187
   17 " 153
   18 " 78
   19 " 87
   20 " 71
   21 " 51
   22 " 36
   23 " 6
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   American Tactical 16
   Beretta Firearms 2
   Bergara Barrels 2
   Browning Arms 32
   Bushmaster Firearms 1
   Chiappa Firearms 11
   Chipmunk(Rogue Rifle) 1
   Christensen Arms 3
   Crickett Firearms 86
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Bolt (226)
Break Open (15)
Falling Block (3)
Lever (85)
Pump (2)
Rolling Block (1)
Semi-Auto (353)
Single Shot (2)
Other (8)

9 " (4)
16 " (187)
17 " (153)
18 " (78)
19 " (87)
20 " (71)
21 " (51)
22 " (36)
23 " (6)
24 " (8)
25 " (7)
29 " (1)
Other (6)

American Tactical (16)
Beretta Firearms (2)
Bergara Barrels (2)
Browning Arms (32)
Bushmaster Firearms (1)
Chiappa Firearms (11)
Chipmunk(Rogue Rifle) (1)
Christensen Arms (3)
Crickett Firearms (86)
CZ-USA Firearms (43)
EAA Firearms (2)
Excel Arms (3)
H&R 1871 INC (2)
Heckler & Koch (1)
Henry Repeating Arms (40)
Howa Firearms (4)
Kel-Tec (3)
Kriss USA (2)
Magnum Research (10)
Marlin Firearms (21)
Mossberg & Sons (62)
Plinker Tactical (1)
Puma Rifles (2)
Remington Arms (16)
Rossi Firearms (4)
Ruger Firearms (132)
Sako Firearms (2)
Savage Arms (54)
Sigarms (18)
Smith and Wesson (25)
Tactical Solutions (16)
Taylors (2)
Thompson Center (2)
Tikka Firearms (1)
Traditions (11)
Uberti Firearms (2)
Umarex (17)
Volquartsen (21)
Vudoo Gun Works (5)
Walther Firearms (12)
Weatherby (1)
Winchester Guns (4)


Testimonials from our Customers
Henry U.S Survival AR-7 Semi-Auto Rifle H002B, 22 LR, 16.5", ABS Plastic Stock, Teflon Coated Black Finish, 8 Rds
East to carry, fun to shoot and put a badger down with one shot from .22 hollowpoints. - F. M.

Chipmunk Rimfire Single Shot Rifle 00001, 22 LR, 16", Bolt Action, Walnut Stock, Blue Steel Finish, 1 Rds
I got one of these when i was little and loved to shoot it. Now i plan on giving it to my son. Great little gun and fun to shoot. - B. S.

Savage 64FXP Rimfire Rifle 40000, 22 LR, 20.25", Semi-Auto, Black Syn Stock, Blue Finish, w/Scope, 10 Rds
I have had my Savage model 64 F for about a month now. I immediately called the factory and ordered 3 more magazines to go with it when I first bought it. The factory folks are top notch and had my mags at my door in about 4 days. They are part no.3005 to the best of my knowledge. Just tell the lady a 10 rd. mg for the model 64..They run $13 so 3 mags with shipping was only $43. That was not bad at all. I saw one guy on the web that wanted $30 each for them. He should be jailed. The rifle is smooth as silk. It has a longer barrel than the Ruger 10/222 and although it does not have the SAVAGE adjustable ACCUTRIGGER it does have a trigger that is "BUTTA" .Yep slick as "BUTTA". The rifle is very light too. I noticed it was front heavy so I removed the buttcap and stuck a couple of small CrOWN ROYAL bags of .22 ammo in behind the buttcp in the stock. NOTICE___DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I can not be responsible if you fall down and the stock blows up. I used plenty of CR bags to pad the ammo. I have enough of them to make a circus tent for PT Barnum from my drinking days...or should I say drinking daze...Anyway another thing never drink and then go handle firearms. That is a ticket for disaster... Back to the task at hand now. I went to Wal Mart and bought a Center Point $x16 power pellet rifle scope and put on it. They run about $70 but a good 3x9 CenterPoint can be had for about $40. It is a great scope that comes with free end caps and a padded cover and cleaning cloth. They are built tough too. Their add says they fired a .416 Riley or something along those lines with no problems. I have spent 3 week ends at my friends farm blazing away with the little rifle. The stock is supposed to be bedded but I read one place that after firing a 1000 rounds or so it is wise to get some of the little felt or cork pads like ladies put under their lil figurines in the parlor and loosen the stock screws and apply these as spacers between the barrel and the stock. It takes any play or looseness out of the bedding job. I also found some 34 grain Winchester SUPREME .22 ammo that fires at 1650 fps. That is hot for a .22 round. It almost sounds like an m-16 when you fire it. I got it too at Wal Mart. It comes in a clear dark red plastic box. It sells out fast too I like the Savage model 64. I think it is a great deal for the price I paid for it. Be careful if you tear it all the way down to clean it that you don't loose parts. If you get stuck just check YOU TUBE and there are vids on the mod 64 disassembly and assembly so you should not have a problem. I have so far nothing at all negative to say about the rifle. It is accurate,feeds well, and does everything it is supposed to do on the 5 different kinds of ammo I have fired through it so far. It to me is a very valuable lil firearm because I would not take anything close to what I paid for it now that I have it set up the way I want it. I am going to put a set of swivels,asling,and a bipod on it this weekend. I'll check back in later on it. I would reccomend it to a friend. - D. S.

Chipmunk Rimfire Single Shot Rifle 00001, 22 LR, 16", Bolt Action, Walnut Stock, Blue Steel Finish, 1 Rds
We had one of these for our daughters when they were little. Very good gun and great to have one the right size for new shooters. My little grandson is about to inherit it. - K. Y.

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