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Max $
   Left Handed 9
   Youth Rifle 17
   22 Long Rifle 644
   Bolt 220
   Break Open 15
   Falling Block 3
   Lever 55
   Pump 2
   Rolling Block 1
   Semi-Auto 343
   Single Shot 2
   Other 3
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   9 " 4
   16 " 179
   17 " 142
   18 " 66
   19 " 80
   20 " 63
   21 " 50
   22 " 36
   23 " 6
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   American Tactical 16
   Beretta Firearms 2
   Bergara Barrels 1
   Browning Arms 32
   Bushmaster Firearms 1
   Chiappa Firearms 11
   Chipmunk(Rogue Rifle) 1
   Crickett Firearms 85
   CZ-USA Firearms 42
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Bolt (220)
Break Open (15)
Falling Block (3)
Lever (55)
Pump (2)
Rolling Block (1)
Semi-Auto (343)
Single Shot (2)
Other (3)

9 " (4)
16 " (179)
17 " (142)
18 " (66)
19 " (80)
20 " (63)
21 " (50)
22 " (36)
23 " (6)
24 " (8)
25 " (7)
29 " (1)
Other (2)

American Tactical (16)
Beretta Firearms (2)
Bergara Barrels (1)
Browning Arms (32)
Bushmaster Firearms (1)
Chiappa Firearms (11)
Chipmunk(Rogue Rifle) (1)
Crickett Firearms (85)
CZ-USA Firearms (42)
EAA Firearms (2)
Excel Arms (3)
H&R 1871 INC (2)
Henry Repeating Arms (36)
Howa Firearms (4)
Kel-Tec (3)
Kriss USA (2)
Magnum Research (10)
Marlin Firearms (21)
Mossberg & Sons (62)
Plinker Tactical (1)
Puma Rifles (2)
Remington Arms (16)
Rossi Firearms (1)
Ruger Firearms (126)
Sako Firearms (2)
Savage Arms (53)
Sigarms (18)
Smith and Wesson (24)
Tactical Solutions (15)
Taylors (2)
Thompson Center (1)
Tikka Firearms (1)
Traditions (11)
Uberti Firearms (2)
Umarex (14)
Volquartsen (6)
Walther Firearms (12)
Weatherby (1)


Testimonials from our Customers
Ruger 10/22 Stainless Rifle 1149, 22 LR, 22", Wood Stock, Stainless Finish
I have owned this firearm for nearly 10 years now. It has taken numerous squirrels, rabbits, and other small game. An excellent rifle to own, and much quieter than the shorter 10/22's. -

Browning Buck Mark Target Rifle 021030202, 22 Long Rifle, 18"Hvy BBL, Semi-Auto, Laminate Stock, Blue Satin Finish
Best 22 rifle I've ever owned.never jammed up,owned it since it came out and use it all the time to get rid of pest, rabbits, squirrel and bird's -

Henry Pump Action Rifle H003T, 22 S / L / LR, 20" Octagon, Walnut Stock, Blue Finish, 15 Rds
The Henry pump action 22 caliber rifle is a great addition to ones yesteryear reminders of the wonderful times at the local fair shooting galleries with Dad or perhaps Grand Dad. This is a quality rifle reflective of the "days of old" in addition to being a very practical and accurate 22. You can buy a 22 rifle at a cheaper price however, you won't enjoy the same amount of fun as if you purchased a Henry pump 22! This is a 22 that will be a great family heirloom to pass down to younger generations. At 73 years young I am having a "blast" with my new Henry 22 pump rifle. Easy to maintain, accurate to shoot, and quality you cannot beat - made in the USA. -

Henry Pump Action Rifle H003T, 22 S / L / LR, 20" Octagon, Walnut Stock, Blue Finish, 15 Rds
I am pleased with the appearance, quality of workmanship, and accuracy of the Henry pump action 22 caliber rifle. It is a true reflection of the "days of old" shooting gallery guns. I have had no problems with the functioning or accuracy of the Henry rifle. 3 rounds ( Remington Long Rifle) and a slight sight adjustment delivered bullseye accuracy at 40 Yards. You pay a bit more for a Henry however it is a fine firearm that can be used and later passed down as a legacy family firearm. Made in America by caring Americans! -

Henry Lever Action Rifle H001, 22 LR, 18 1/4", Walnut Stock, Blue Finish, 15 Rds
You rarely see anything but a 5 star review on a Henry and there\'s a good reason for that. It\'s accurate, the action is incredibly smooth and the workmanship is outstanding. All this plus it\'s very reasonably priced and all components plus assembly are American. Shoots shorts, longs, and LR from sub sonic to stingers and never fails to function flawlessly. While I haven\'t had occasion to use customer service everyone I talk to says Henry\'s is second to none. My only criticism is that they could have put better sights on it, but since I use a scope this doesn\'t really matter to me. This is my first lever action rifle and I love it. You will too. - D. S.

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