MEC 301L13X Mayville Replacement Bottle
MPN:  301L13X UPC:   098489014670

MEC 301L13X Mayville Replacement Bottle

MEC MAYVILLE ENGNRNG INC Reloading Accessories

Mec Mayville Replacement Bottle

The Mec magnum shot/powder bottle was designed specifically for storing your powder until you are ready to use it. It is unsafe to put powder in a glass jar or bottle or any other container which could cause pressure buildup. Store your powder where there is no chance of spark, fire or flame, where it is cool and dry and where children cannot reach it. Modern smokeless powders must be confined to cause an explosion.

Mfg Item Num: 301L13X
Type :Replacement Bottle
Caliber :Universal
Size :Small
Quantity :Each
Weight :Lightweight

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