Recoil Systems Isis Green Shock Absorbing Pad 19mm

Recoil Systems Isis Green Shock Absorbing Pad 19mm

ISIS GREEN Shock Absorbing Pad

The Green Material is the very latest development in shock absorbing materials. It is a patented, high tech, micro cellular polyurethane elastomer. Its structure has been designed to withstand the toughest environments. It is immediately recognisable by its excellent vibration damping and shock absorbing properties.

Surefit Green Recoil Pad - contoured for left or right handed shooters!
The Surefit Green recoil pad is a major development in recoil pad design.
Each pad is individually shaped and contoured for either right or left handed shooters.
A more positive gun mount gives more accuracy and consistency whilst allowing the comb of the stock to fit more 'snugly' into the shooters face. The shape of both right and left handed pads gives more surface area contact with the shoulder pocket and therefore less felt recoil.

How does the Green Pad work?

When the material is manufactured, vast quantities of tiny air pockets are formed. Due to the molecular structure of the material, these air pockets take the shape of tiny dodecahedrons (having 12 faces). This regular structure gives remarkable distribution of energy on impact.
An impact causes the cells to compress, forcing the webs of material outwards against each other, slowing the impact down, reducing the kinetic energy. After the impact the material returns to its original shape at a steady rate, and does not bounce which would create a return force to the shoulder, which is the significant problem with other recoil pads.

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