Edge Expedite Clip On Dove Decoy 4 Pk 814185
MPN:  814185 UPC:   605093814185

Edge Expedite Clip On Dove Decoy 4 Pk 814185


Edge Expedite Clip On Dove Decoy

All Call Predator is their most inventive decoy yet. Simply plug this decoy into any brand of electronic caller with an external speaker jack to create extra sound and motion you need to get those predators to take those fatal steps into the open. Every time you call screams the decoy spins back and forth. Quiver Rabbit decoy is designed to attract all predators in close enough for the kill. Quiver Critter decoy, the erratic motion of this simple, economical predator decoy is irrestible to approaching predators. Spinning Air Dove decoy and Spinning Air Crow decoy with their ease of transport, ease of set-up, lightweight construction and drop dead effectiveness, these low cost spinners will prove to be your best investment.

Mfg Item Num: 814185
Type :Dove Decoy
Species :Dove
Motor :None
Quantity :4 per pk
Color :
Material :
Battery Config :
Waterproof :
Audible/Motion :
Weight :

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