Caldwell Rimfire Shooting Gallery, 558978
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Caldwell Rimfire Shooting Gallery, 558978

PAST Rimfire Shooting Gallery

Caldwell Rimfire Shooting Gallery

The Shootin Gallery is the first of its kind: an affordable, portable, motor-driven, interactive system that allows you to shoot a steady stream of moving targets with a rimfire firearm at your shooting range or in your backyard. The design of the gallery gives you a never-ending supply of fresh targets - targets that are hit fall over, only to re-emerge from the side of the gallery! The Gallery includes a rechargeable battery and charger that power a motor which drives targets left-to-right across the length of the gallery. Get your trigger finger ready for fast-paced shooting action with Caldwell's Shootin' Gallery! Targets topple when hit and reset automatically. Includes rechargeable battery and recharger. Great for practicing shooting at moving targets. The gallery is intended for use only with standard velocity. .22 rimfire cartridges at a distance of 75 feet. The warranty on the Shootin' Gallery does not cover damage to the gallery resulting from the use of high-velocity rimfire ammunition, including high-velocity .22 Long Rifle ammunition, .22 Magnum, or any .17 caliber rimfire cartridges. Targets travel left-to-right. Weighs less than 50 pounds for easy transportation.

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