BlackHawk Leather Speed Classic Holster (420800BKR)
MPN:  420800BKR UPC:   648018003110

BlackHawk Leather Speed Classic Holster (420800BKR)


BlackHawk Black Leather Speed Classic Holster

This venerable design has been updated with the highest quality leather and a minimalist approach that allows more versability and comfort than before. The abbreviated body allows use with various lengths of a given model of handgun, so you can keep using your favorite holster with either full size or compact models. The belt loop sewn to the back of the holster keeps the handgun close to the waist and the trailing belt slot pulls the butt into the body for greater concealment. Reinforced holster mouth assures easy re-holstering and the adjustable tension screw let's you choose the ease of the draw for your handgun. Their injection-molded sight track allows the use of even high custom sights and keeps them from dragging on the holster. Compact design aids concealment and increases comfort. Trailing belt slot pulls grip in, greatly increasing concealment. Adjustable tension screw allows fine tuning for personal preference. Reinforced opening allows consistent ease in re-holstering. Use full-size or compact models handguns.

Mfg Item Num: 420800BKR
Type :Holster
Color :Black
Material :Leather
Size :N/A
Model :420800BKR
Finish :Smooth
Gun Mod :N/A
Add Mod :N/A

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