Browning MicroBlast Knife/Light Combo 3712118, Pink
MPN:  3712118 UPC:   023614074465

Browning MicroBlast Knife/Light Combo 3712118, Pink

Get a steal of a deal with this Browning flashlight/knife combination. The LED flashlight is about the size of a tube of lip balm, so it's more than convenient to carry around. Plus, the attached key chain makes itself at home amongst the other items in your purse. The 3mm LED light gives off 15 lumens, which is brighter than most two-AA flashlights. And it runs up to 12 hours on just one AAA battery. An O-ring seals it for water resistance.

The matching knife with a 2" stainless steel blade holds a sharp edge. And it's the perfect size to slip inside your purse or pocket. The featured thumb stud makes for easy one-hand opening. Get your combo today for a small price that'll go a long way.
Knife closed length: 2.5".
Blade length: 2".
Overall length: 4.5".

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