Browning MicroBlast Pen Light w/Bore Adapter (3712123)
MPN:  3712123 UPC:   023614080701

Browning MicroBlast Pen Light w/Bore Adapter (3712123)

The perfect light for the bench, desk or glove box.

Pen lights fill a specific role - typically designed to fit in with tools and writing implements so they'll conveniently be where you need them at the right time. The MicroBlast is designed as a general purpose light that you can always rely on in a pinch, whether the power's gone out, you've dropped something in a dark, hard to reach spot, or you're looking for a dropped lug nut while changing a tire at 3:00 AM. Add to the package a handy bore light adaptor, and you may want to just leave the MicroBlast at your cleaning bench.

Max Lumens: 60
Length :5 3/5"
Battery Life on High: 2.5 hours
Additional: 2 Bore Adapters

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