Cmere Deer 50057 Deer Attractor Sprayer 12/Case
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Cmere Deer 50057 Deer Attractor Sprayer 12/Case

CMERE DEER Natural Deer Attractant

CMere Deer Attractor Sprayer

Mix one quart of C'Mere Deer liquid concentrate with up to two gallons of non-chlorinated water. For optimal performance, mix one quart with only one gallon of non-chlorinated water, then spray or pour. C'Mere Deer Powder is specifically designed to pour over corn, grains, or protein pellets in gravity fed or electric spin-cast feeders, or as a stand alone attractant.

Type :Attractor
Species :Deer
Volume :32 fl. oz
Quantity :12 per case
Effective Time :
Scent Type :
Effective Distance :
Scented/Unscented :
Wick Capacity :
Material :

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