Nikon Archers Choice Max Laser Range Finder 8376, 6x, 21mm, Green, w/APG Camo Case
MPN:  8376 UPC:   018208083763

Nikon Archers Choice Max Laser Range Finder 8376, 6x, 21mm, Green, w/APG Camo Case

Nikon Archers Choice MAX Rangefinder 8376 w/ Camo Case is a great piece of bowhunting equipment. This range finder by Nikon was designed with real-world bow hunting situations in mind. Archers Choice combines Nikon 's trademark speed, accuracy and simplicity with technology designed to give hunter's the confidence to take the shot. While game hunting simply aim your Nikon Archer Choice Range Finder, push the button and plan your shot according to the displayed distance. Only one number is displayed, the correct distance needed to make the shot. With Nikon's advanced ID Technology it compensates for various incline or decline shooting angles, which allows bow hunters to range targets with the Nikon 8376 Archers Choice Range Finder from a tree stand or in steep terrain with the same confidence and ease as ranging over flat ground. Like all Nikon Rangefinders, the Nikon Archers Choice Rangefinder 8376 operates on a single CR2 battery.

  • Specifically designed for the bowhunter
  • Features an ocular that is 28% larger (18mm) to provide an even faster view when seconds count
  • Active Brightness Control Viewfinder detects the brightness of the target and automatically adjusts the reticle
  • Nikon's Multi-Coated Optics
  • Incredible 89 degree angular range - virtually straight up or straight down
  • ID Technology
  • Displays in 1/2 yard increments to 99.5 yds
  • Waterproof and Fogproof

Mfg Item Number: 8376
Magnification: 6x
Measuring Range(yds): 5 - 200
Increment Reading(yds): 0.1
Angular Field of View (real): 7.5
Eye Relief(mm): 18.3
Diopter Adjustment: Ø 4
Length(in): 4.6
Width(in): 2.9
Weight(lb): 1.6

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