Security Equipment GK01 GateKeeper Door Alarm
MPN:  GK01 UPC:   023063806006

Security Equipment GK01 GateKeeper Door Alarm

SECURITY EQUIP CO GateKeeper Door Alarm

Home invasions occur every 14.5 seconds in the USA. A new trend is developing internationally as intruders rob you while you sleep and leave with your former possessions by means of your automobile. Gatekeeper takes you out of R.E.M. and into action. The piercing 120 decibel siren will likely startle and deter the intruder while waking you. Its door wedge design blocks inward opening doors giving you precious time to reach for your Sabre pepper spray. Small, practical and easy to use Gatekkeper lets you rest easy until it's time to take action!

Mfg Item Num: GK01
Type :Door Alarm
Size :TBA
Weight :TBA
Range :TBA
Decibels :120
Repels :
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