Hornady FTX Component Bullets .430 Cal 225 Grain 100 Per Box (44105), Not Loaded
MPN:  44105 UPC:   090255481051

Hornady FTX Component Bullets .430 Cal 225 Grain 100 Per Box (44105), Not Loaded

HORNADY MFG CO FTX Component Bullets

FTX bullets are the same bullets that are loaded in the most popular levergun ammunition ever devised: LEVERevolution. These technologically advanced bullets feature their patented Flex Tip technology which means they are safe to shoot in firearms with tubular magazines as well as any other firearm. Not only are they safe, they also deliver the flattest trajectories ever from these firearms. It doesn't end there. Another benefit of Flex Tip technology is devastating terminal performance. Upon impact, the flexible tip deforms back into the bullet initiating violent, controlled expansion that transfers a great deal of energy to the vitals. At the same time, the heavy jacket over the shank of the bullet and famous InterLock feature keep the core and jacket physically locked together to ensure deep penetration for quick kills no matter what.

Mfg Item Num: 44105
Bullet Type :FlexTip Expanding
Caliber :.430
Weight :225 gr
Quantity :100 Per Box
Bullet Material :
Bullet Coating :
Bullet Tip Material :
Cannelure :
Metal Type :
Core Type :

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