Cass Creek Ergo Turkey Call (969)
MPN:  969 UPC:   890834000969

Cass Creek Ergo Turkey Call (969)


The Ergo Series Turkey call consist of Clucks A low volume note, or series of noted used as small talk between turkeys establishing location. The Yelp a louder call or series of repetitious notes beckoning other turkeys to come. The Assembly Call usually made by an adult hen calling her clutch and other turkeys. The Kee-Kee used mainly by young turkeys to reassemble or used by a lost turkey trying to find the flock. And the Purr a confidence call used during feeding, close range and group talk.

Mfg Item Num: 969
Category: GAME CALLS
Type :Electronic Call
Species :Turkey
Material :Plastic
Sound Species :Turkey, Hen, Jake
Electronic :Yes
Battery :3 AAA
Color :Bark Camo
Style :Ergo
Water Environmental :Water Resistant
Calls :5 Different Turkey Sounds

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