Ballistol Sportsman's Multi- Purpose Gun Oil Lube 6 oz Aerosol (120069)
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Ballistol Sportsman's Multi- Purpose Gun Oil Lube 6 oz Aerosol (120069)

6 oz. Aerosol spray

Touted as a multi-purpose lube, Ballistol truly lives up to its mission. This environmentally safe compound was invented at the turn of the century for the German Imperial Army. They contracted with Friedich Klever and his chemist son Dr. Helmut Klever to produce a lubricant that would maintain the metallic parts of a soldier's rifle, as well as protect wood and leather. The soldier was to use the same oil for the treatment of minor wounds, sores, and scratches. in 1904, they succeeded to produce a special oil which they named "BALLISTOL" from the word ballistic and the Latin word for oil "oleum." It soon became obvious that the new wonder oil had truely amazing capabilities. As word spread, within a decade outdoorsmen throughout Europe had converted to the new miracle oil. Today Ballistol can be used to clean, lubricate, preserve and protect.

  • Superior liquid for preserving airguns, firearms, marine equipment & more.
  • Dissolves traces of copper, lead, brass, zinc & tombac.
  • Cleans, lubes & protects every part of your gun.
  • Forms a film against rust.
  • Never gums up or hardens.
  • Ideal for protecting & preserving gun metal and wood stocks.
  • Removes rust & neutralizes bluing salts found in the barrels of new guns, including airguns.
  • Neutralizes fingerprints (which are acidic).
  • Actively propels itself & reaches areas inaccessible to the applicator.
  • Keeps leather soft & pliable
  • Originally invented for military use.
  • Biodegradable & environmentally friendly.
  • Non-toxic & contains no carcinogens.

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