Slide Fire SSAR-15 OGR Right-Handed Bump Fire Original Gun-Stock (10-0110-00)
MPN:  SSAR-15-OGR-RH UPC:   857156003085

Slide Fire SSAR-15 OGR Right-Handed Bump Fire Original Gun-Stock (10-0110-00)

Slide Fire Solutions' ground breaking "Slide Stock" technology and ergonomic design provide individuals the ability to Slide Fire more safely - offering another element of entertainment for recreational shooters everywhere!

Applying principles that have been used for over 40 years to Bump Fire - this new radical design ensures the operator can hold the rifle correctly without compromising their own safety or the safety of others around them.  Unlike when bump firing from the hip; the SSAR-15 allows the shooter to properly hold the firearm.  In addition, as a result of the shooter having to push forward to discharge each round, they are able to correct their point-of-aim for each shot discharged instead of allowing recoil to push the muzzle upward in an unsafe direction.

In principal the SSAR-15 functions very similar to the Gatlin or crank style firearms.  When operating a firearm that uses a crank - the operator's arm moves in continous motion.  The operator moves the crank clockwise and a round is fired.   The operator continues to move the crank forward to discharge another round, and so on....  With the SSAR-15; the operator moves the upper assembly forward to discharge a round.  To discharge the next round the operator must again move the upper assembly forward.  Just like when using the Gatlin systems; a semi-auto firearm equipped with the SSAR-15 will never fire automatically.

Secondary to design, the SSAR-15 has opened other avenues for physically challenged sportsmen to operate their firearms without the need for bulky prohibitive equipment. Individuals that suffer from severe arthritis, partial paralysis, or other conditions that affect their ability to traditionally operate a firearm can now utilize the SSAR-15 and the muscular strength in their entire arm to active the firing mechanism.

The SSAR-15 is designed for use on all AR-15 rifles equipped with a carbine style buffer tube. There are no permanent modifications or gunsmith required to install the SSAR-15.

By removing the factory pistol grip and replacing it with the provided Interface Block - the SSAR-15 simply slides onto the buffer tube; replacing the factory adjustable stock. All tools required to install the SSAR-15 are provided.

The SSAR-15 is NOT a mechanical device. It does not perform any automatic functions, and it does not increase a rifles rate of fire.

The SSAR-15 is a rifle stock, and the muscular application of force to create forward movement of the firearm defines the will of the shooter to discharge each individual round of ammunition. Each discharge requires a separate decision by the operator to move the firearm back to a firing condition.

With the SSAR-15 installed - the firearm is still dependent on an actively engaged operator at all times; if the operator ceases to apply sufficient effort to move the firearm back to a firing condition; the firearm will immediately cease operating.

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