Slide Fire SSAR-15 Six Position Buffer Tube/Spanner Wrench (Mil-Spec-Tube)
MPN:  Mil-Spec-Tube UPC:   857156003115

Slide Fire SSAR-15 Six Position Buffer Tube/Spanner Wrench  (Mil-Spec-Tube)

To eliminate the frustration that non-standard parts can cause; Slide Fire Solutions offers our proven Mil-Spec Buffer Tube. Our Mil-Spec Buffer Tube is consistently machined along the horizontal axis and has been threaded so that when installed the buffer tube is precisely aligned with the lower receiver.

Out of numerous tubes used during research and developement; this Buffer Tube provided the best fit and most consistent results.

Included with each order will be the Spanner Wrench that is required to remove the Castle Nut that holds the existing buffer tube in place. Once the Mil-Spec Buffer Tube is installed use the Spanner Wrench to tighten the Castle Nut.

This buffer tube measures the correct 7.278 inch in length and 1.48 inch in diameter.

We have found that this buffer tube design offers the best fit and function with the SSAR-15.

Note: Only works with Slide Fire SSAR-15 Stock.

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