GrovTec Premium Padded Nylon Cartridge Sling (GTSL30)
MPN:  GTSL30 UPC:   811071010306

GrovTec Premium Padded Nylon Cartridge Sling (GTSL30)

GROVTEC USA INC Premium Padded Cartridge Slings

GrovTec take pride in building the best performing product in a category, and American-Made GT Premium Padded Cartridge Nylon Sling are no exception. Even under the most demanding conditions and rigorous use, their materials and construction will accept every challenge, delivering both exceptional comfort and durability. Having packed firearms over tremendous distances, they have simply built the best tools for the job.

Mfg Item Num: GTSL30
Type :Rifle Sling
Swivel Size :
Length :48 in
Width :1 in
Color :Black
Material :Nylon
Cap Size :
Gun Manufacturers :Any Rifle With Stud
Gun Style :Rifles
Design :

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