Zeiss Victory Night Vision 5.6x62 LT* Monocular 5230079901, Straight, 5.6x62mm, Generation 2+
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Zeiss Victory Night Vision 5.6x62 LT* Monocular 5230079901, Straight, 5.6x62mm, Generation 2+

Zeiss Victory NV Night Vision Scopes use the principle of residual light amplification. When darkness falls, moonlight, stars or a bright horizon nevertheless emit residual light. The objects observed reflect tiny amounts of this light, which are used by the Zeiss Victory NV to make the object visible.

Compact, light, and enormously powerful Zeiss Nigh Vision Victory 5.6 x 62mm Monocular offers a very wide field of view of 146 m at 1,000 m (479' at 1000 yards), with a closest focusing distance of only 5 m (16.4'). Even at new moon with an overcast sky, with Zeiss Victory Night Vision Spotting Scope 523007 you will see the objects you want to observe brightly and sharply, at 5.6x magnification and with optimum resolution.

Even light imperceptible to the human eye is sufficient to make objects visible at a distance of over 500 m (1640.4 ft). And for all these benefits, Zeiss Nightvision Scope Victory NV tips the scales at a mere 1,100 g (2.42 lb). Its compact dimensions and modern, ergonomic contouring allow the high-tech Victory 5.6x 62 Zeiss Night Vision Scope to be operated like a compact camcorder.

Of course, Zeiss Victory Night Vision 5.6x62 T* Night Vision Scopes are rubber armored, waterproof and nitrogen filled. The adjustable loop permits Zeiss 5.6x62 Victory NighVision Scope to be held safely, and the 1/4" and 3/8" adapter allows mounting on a tripod.

Please Note: This product is a special order item and takes 4-6 weeks for delivery from Zeiss.

Zeiss 5.6x62 LT* NightVision
Magnification: 5.6x
Objective diameter: 62 mm
Field of view at 1000 yards: 479'
Shortest focusing distance: 5.5 yards
Center drive adjustability: +6 dpt
Eyepiece adjustability: +/-4 dpt
Light intensification: 20 000x
Approx. range: 546 yards
Length (eyecup elongated): 9"
Width, vertical/horizontal: 3.8/3.3"
Weight: 35 oz.

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