Birchwood Casey 38459 IPSC Target 18.1" x 29.9"
MPN:  38459 UPC:   029057384598

Birchwood Casey 38459 IPSC Target 18.1" x 29.9"


This all-weather target is based on a standard IPSC target. The durable, corrugated plastic construction keeps the target unaffected by rain and the elements. This unofficial target measures at an outside diameter of 18.1 in x 29.9. in The scoring zones of the target are marked and outlined with light perforated lines. This target is brown on one side and white on the other, representing a classic shoot/no-shoot scenario.

Mfg Item Num: 38459
Category: TARGETS
Type :Silhouette Target
Size :18.1 in x29.9 in
Quantity :1
Material :Plastic
Illustration :Silhouette
Ammo Type :
Including :
Auto Resetting :
Impact Enhancement :
Enhancement Color :

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