Do All VH2225 Steel Round Up Target 9mm-30.06 Caliber
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Do All VH2225 Steel Round Up Target 9mm-30.06 Caliber

DO ALL TRAPS Steel Round Up 9mm/30-06

Steel Round Up 9mm/30-06. The Steel Round Up in targeting systems incorporate many features never before seen in traditional rim fire and center fire target shooting. These targets are the perfect challenge for single and double shooters. The targets have a right to left and left to right range of motion giving the shooters the ultimate competitive challenge. I can shoot the targets on my side faster then you can shoot the targets on your side in All of the Steel Round Up targets incorporate a springloaded mechanism that is adjustable to the bullet load and/or distance of the shooter. By tightening the internal adjustment spring you can vary the rotating target resistance. The Steel Round Up's unique designs alleviate bounce back with a springloaded snapintoposition feature that set DoAll Traps targeting systems apart from all others. The slight forward lean in our frame gives the shooter a safe feeling knowing the bullet ricochet is immediately sent downward. Each unit comes with four ground spikes to ensure stability.

Category: TARGETS
Type :Action Targets
Size :9mm/30-06
Quantity :1
Material :Steel
Illustration :Crosshair
Ammo Type :All
Including :
Auto Resetting :Yes
Impact Enhancement :
Enhancement Color :

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