Laser Genetics Laser Device w/Bow Mount (LGND3BOWSZ)
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Laser Genetics Laser Device w/Bow Mount (LGND3BOWSZ)

LASER GENETICS Laser Genetics Laser Devices w/Bow Mount

The ND3 Laser Designator uses patented technology to create true night vision and turns your scoped rifle into a night hunter. Combining a powerful, green laser diode and a precision optical collimator, the ND3 pairs with your scope and allows you to cast a bright beam of green laser light to fully illuminate targets up to 250 yards. The patented optical collimator allows for quick, one hand, full range adjustment of beam diameter and light strength with just 180 degrees of rotation. You never have to take your eyes off the target or your hand off the trigger. High power green laser light reflects intensely off the eyes of animals allowing quick detection up to 250 yards. The ND3 works well for both night hunting and game spotting. This laser comes with a Bow Mount.

Beam Intensity :532nm
Dot Size :
Power :18 mw
Range :3.0 Miles
Weight :5.34 oz
Battery :(1) CR-123A Lithium
Color :Black
Gun Model :
Reticle :
Laser Color :Green

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