ATN Night Storm Night Vision Monocular NVMNNSTM20B, Gen2, 3.5x-50mm
MPN:  NVMNNSTM20B UPC:   658175112433

ATN Night Storm Night Vision Monocular NVMNNSTM20B, Gen2, 3.5x-50mm


The ATN Night Storm 2 Black Night Vision Device is the latest in technology and the latest addition to the ATN line of the Night Vision products. Strict standards and precision manufacturing have brought to you a rugged, yet lightweight, waterproof Night Vision Scope, which provides superior optical calibration at an economical cost. Revolutionizing the Night Vision market was one of our top priorities. Night Vision accomplished their goal by combining a 6-element, F1.2, 50mm, heavy-coated glass lens with the ability to be submersed under water. They also were able to include a number of other options to make this unit even more superior than it was already. Once you enter a completely dark where no ambient light is to be found, you can take advantage of the built-in Total Darkness Technology which the infrared illuminator will provide. The unit also has an optional camera adapter, which will allow you to turn a regular household camera into a Night Vision camera. If optimal picture is what you are in the market for, the ATN Night Storm 2 Black will satisfy your needs. The unit's diopter adjustment of +/- 5 and 1 m to infinity range of focus will allow you to focus in on any object in range. If that's not enough, the unbelievable 40-45 lp/mm makes the ATN Night Storm 2 Black one of the most accurate imaging devices on the market at a reasonable price.

Mfg Item Num: NVMNNSTM20B
Magnification :3.5x
Objective :50mm
Field of View :15 Degrees
Type :Night Vision Scope
Generation :2+
Battery :(1) 3v CR123A
Dimensions :175x50x90mm
Weight :.88 lbs
Focus Range :1m to Infinity
Resolution :45-54 lp/mm

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