Mojo Decoys MOJO Mallard Hen Decoy w/Remote Kit (HW2110)
MPN:  HW2110 UPC:   816740002422

Mojo Decoys MOJO Mallard Hen Decoy w/Remote Kit (HW2110)

The MOJO Mallard is THE premium flash decoy on the market. It features our heavy duty, dual shaft direct drive motor system with aluminum wings and precision milled aluminum shafts. This is the quietest, most durable decoy on the market today- period!

The specially re-designed decoy body exactly duplicates a landing mallard with fantastic texture and more iridescent head for added realism.

The mounting peg is re-designed for easy insertion and removal from the 4-ft support pole.

The decoy has a battery holder and a charging port for easy charging and an adapter for charging the battery outside of the decoy.

Includes 4-ft support pole, 6-volt battery, charger, and charging adapter. Available in drake or hen.

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