Primos Ultra Black Out Camera Backlit (63036)
MPN:  63036 UPC:   010135630362

Primos Ultra Black Out Camera Backlit (63036)


To an animal that is adept at avoiding suspicious sounds, shapes, and situations, most trail cameras are easy to spot. The Truth Cam Blackout has been designed to be undetectable to animals and humans. Every feature makes it easy to setup and get complete surveillance without pressuring and alarming game. The Truth Cam Blackout produces no visible LED light, yet provides an outstanding 50' night photo range, lightning quick trigger speed and no shutter noise. Start capturing the shots you haven't been getting before with the Truth Cam Blackout.

Mfg Item Num: 63036
Category: CAMERA
Camera Type :Camera
Picture or Video :Photo/ Record Video
Resolution :
Flash :50 Ft Night Range
Powersource :4 D Cell Batteries
Display :Backlit
Weatherproof :Water Resistant
Memory :Field Viewer
Finish Color :Camo
Audio :

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