Edge Expadite Ultimate Predator Decoy Combo (635094)
MPN:  635094 UPC:   605093635094

Edge Expadite Ultimate Predator Decoy Combo (635094)


This deadly duo gives you the most complete caller/decoy combination ever. Connect the decoy to the caller to get simultaneous sound and motion, or use the decoy without the caller. The caller has a patented sound generation system that never plays the same sound twice. 4 sound choices to choose from: red squirrel distress, red squirrel chatter, rodent screams and distress screams. There is a built in delay option to give the hunter time to set up before the caller starts calling. Simply set it out, turn it on, and let the Ultimate Predator Combo go to work. Audio cord is included to plug the two units together, or unplug for easier carrying. Decoy and caller each run on 4 AA batteries (a total of 8 batteries), not included.

Type :Decoy
Species :Predator
Motor :4 AA Batteries (not included)
Quantity :1 Combo
Color :
Material :
Battery Config :
Waterproof :
Audible or Motion :
Weight :

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