Anti Monkey Butt Safari Towels 3 Pack 24" x 14" (02203)
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Anti Monkey Butt Safari Towels 3 Pack 24" x 14" (02203)

No Shower Nearby?... Now There Is!
Introducing Safari Towels. The Shower-To-Go

It's a jungle out there...

You're far from home, and you're hot and sweaty. Not a great feeling. But now, there's a way to feel clean and refreshed wherever you are, until you can get a hot shower.

It's new Safari Towels, from the folks who make Anti Monkey Butt Powder, and they know a lot about what it takes to feel clean and refreshed.

Safari Towels are pre-moistened, big and rugged... the heavy duty disposable towels you can buy. Big enough to clean yourself head to toe, and tough enough so they won't tear or shred.

Grab a 3-pack of Safari Towels, and have them with you the next time you're camping, hunting, fishing, cycling, or anything else that gets you hot and sweaty away from home. You'll have yourself a Shower-To-Go!

Heavy duty 14" x 24" Shower-To-Go!

3 towels per package

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