Elusive Wildlife Deer Aging Tool (DEERAGE)

Elusive Wildlife Deer Aging Tool (DEERAGE)

The most common technique used to age white-tailed deer is called the “tooth wear and replacement” method. The Deer Aging Tool replicates the tooth wear pattern of deer ranging from 1½ to 8½ years of age. White-tailed deer are aged in one-half year increments because they are born in the spring and harvested during the fall hunting season. A fawn (6-month old) is not represented on the Deer Aging Tool. Fawns; however, are easily recognized. Only 4 teeth are present (Tooth 5 and Tooth 6 have not yet erupted above the gum line).

As deer grow older, their teeth continually wear down by the daily eating (grinding) of vegetation. In some cases, the molars will exhibit an abnormal wear pattern on one side. In such cases, it is advised to examine the right and left jaw before determining the age. It is recommended to categorize the deer with the older age class, as research suggests a tendency to underage older deer utilizing the tooth wear and replacement method. 

Designed by wildlife biologists, the Deer Aging Tool was created with utility in mind and provides a quick, easy and inexpensive way to estimate the age of your harvested deer. More importantly, it provides immediate results while in the field! Utilizing the Deer Aging Tool, one can categorize the harvested animal into the following four age classes: fawn (6-months old); 1½ (yearling); 2½ - 4½ (middle aged); and 5½+ (mature). The above four classes are sufficient for most management applications. 

The Deer Aging Tool can be used to age white-tailed deer in all regions of North America (United States, Canada and Mexico). Aging by teeth wear is not gender specific. The Deer Aging Tool can be used to age both bucks and does. 

The tooth wear and replacement method has been around since 1949 and is still the most widely used and accepted method to age white-tailed deer. 

Eight separate age classes (1½-8½ years of age) 

Ideal for hunters, landowners, ranchers, biologists, etc.

Molded from actual jaws of North American white-tailed deer

Includes: Field Guide to Aging and Scoring White-tailed Deer. 

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