Armasight Zeus-Pro 336 2-8x30mm (30Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight
MPN:  TAT173WN3ZPRO21 UPC:   849815005097

Armasight Zeus-Pro 336 2-8x30mm (30Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

Special User-Adjustable Imaging Tools
Active Contrast Enhancement (ACE) - a digital "Contrast" correction that allows for a smart scene optimization based on dynamic adjustments where a variety of contrast levels occur depending on relative scene temperature.
Second Generation Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) - a "Sharpness" correction that is digitally enhances the picture to present clearer imagery, significantly improves edge sharpening and further reduces image noise.
Smart Scene Optimization (SSO) - a fine-tuning computational correction that significantly improves an overall visual acuity for targets that have thermal signatures similar to a surrounding background.
Information-Based Histogram Equalization (IBHEQ) - a "Sky/Sea" enhancement - information based environment dependent algorithm that automatically adjusts camera gain and excludes pixels determined to not contain critical information, specifically helpful in scenes with lots of sky or water.
Linear Automatic Gain Control (Linear AGC) - a correction that used to automatically adjust the gain to an appropriate range, the weaker the image signal, the stronger the gain.
User-Controlled Manual Non-Uniformity Correction/Flat-Field Correction (UCMNUC/FFC). There is a mechanical shutter between the camera sensor and the lens. This shutter is used to perform a non-uniformity correction (NUC) also known as flat-field correction (FFC. During FFC, the shutter presents a uniform temperature source to each detector element in the array. While imaging the flat-field source, the camera updates the offset correction coefficients, resulting in a more uniform image after the process is complete. All Zeus models allow for user to manually trigger or interrupt scheduled UCMNUC/FFC function.
Silent Shutterless NUC (SSN) - In addition to user controlled manual NUC/FFC all Zeus models employ a digital supplemental non-mechanical flat-field correction that allows to extend the periods between mechanical shutter events and to further reduce image noise. SSN is always ON enhancement.

24/7 Operation in presence of environmental obscurants (smoke, dust, haze, fog)
Superior engineering and design from inception to Armasight's 20/50 standard
Rugged MIL-STD-810 compliant performance
Operates on 123A or AA batteries
Reliable quick-release locking weapon mount
Objective Germanium Lens Options
TAU-2 17μm Pitch Thermal Sensor
SVGA 800x600 OLED Display
Long eye-relief eyepiece lens
Digital Compass
Digital Inclinometer
Battery Status Indicator
Multiple User Selectable Ballistic and Quick Acquisition Reticles
Selectable Reticle Color
Selectable Palettes: White Hot/ Black Hot/ Sepia/ OEM Custom/ Other Color Variants
Imaging Filter Algorithms:
- Active Contrast Enhancement (ACE)
- Second Generation Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
- Smart Scene Optimization (SSO)
- Information Based Histogram Equalization (IBHEQ)
- Linear Automatic Gain Control (Linear AGC)
- Silent Shutterless Non-uniformity Correction (SSN)
Wireless 5-button Remote
Tracking Digital e-Zoom: 2x / 4x / 8x (640x512 only)
Still Picture and Video Recording Capability (Mounted DVR Option)
Made in the USA

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