G. Loomis NRX Medium-Heavy Carolina Rig Rod, 7 ft 3 in, Cork Grips (11933-01)
MPN:  1193301 UPC:   601040009543

G. Loomis NRX Medium-Heavy Carolina Rig Rod, 7 ft 3 in, Cork Grips (11933-01)

Thanks to our NRX technology, we've taken the "it can be tough to feel a bite" out of fishing a Carolina Rig. This "drag it across the bottom" technique utilizes a heavy slip-sinker on the main line, above a glass bead and swivel. Anglers fish soft plastics baits, rigged weedless, on a long leader. As you might imagine it can be difficult to feel the bite because there's a lot interference between you and the bait, but NRX changes that dramatically! NRX rods are insanely light for their power with sensitivity off the chart, allowing us to make the best Carolina Rig rods on the planet!
This rod is designed to fish soft plastics on a leader behind a heavy sinker for a couple of good reasons. The heavy sinker helps you maintain positive contact with the bottom and it also creates a lot of commotion. Once you've got the bass' attention, the next thing to come along is the meal - set the hook. It can be tough to feel the bite because of all that weight ahead of the lure, but because of our NRX Technology, you'll feel everything that happens down there. The extra length moves a lot of line for positive hook-sets. You'll find it difficult to imagine a rod so light can be so powerful - and yet so insanely sensitive you'll wonder how we did it. Our secret - your advantage.

MFG Item Number: 11933-01
Length: 7' 3"
Power: Medium-Heavy
Action: Fast
Line Rating: 12-17
Lure Rating: 1/4-3/4

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