Clipdraw 1911 Compact Belt Clip, Black (OMB)
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Clipdraw 1911 Compact Belt Clip, Black (OMB)

The idea behind the Clipdraw products is simple, yet effective: provide a secure holster-less concealed carry alternative to the traditional holster. We deliver exactly what we promise while keeping our products at an economical price.
By utilizing Clipdraw you will have the slimmest possible profile for you IWB carry! Can be used over or under your belt.
Make Clipdraw part of your Everyday Carry on the hip, appendix or behind the back your gun lays flat and virtually disappears under a jacket or shirt!
Clipdraw will keep your gun securely in place inside your waistband but is ready to be drawn swiftly and easily when a situation arises.
All of our Clipdraws are manufactured in the USA to the Highest Quality with Spring Steel and finished with either Powder Coating, Black Oxiding or Nickel Plating.
Clipdraw offers a Lifetime Warranty.

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