Reaction Innnovations Kinky Beaver Magic Craw Swirl (KVB-017)
MPN:  KVB017 UPC:   83680900923

Reaction Innnovations Kinky Beaver Magic Craw Swirl (KVB-017)

Reaction Innovations has done it again with the introduction of the new Kinky Beaver. Building upon the successful design of the original Sweet Beaver, one of the winningest and most popular flipping baits ever made, the Kinky Beaver features the same ribbed body and tear drop appendages.

But that's where the similarities end. The Kinky Beaver also comes equipped with two large profile flappers with thick wedges protruding from their outer edges, which combined with two long antennae extending out between them, creates a whole new level of fish attracting action. The thick wedges on the claws help them catch water on the fall and kick wildly, while also slowing the bait's rate of fall slightly - for more time in the strike zone.

Available in the same killer colors that have been catching fish and cashing checks across the Country, the Reaction Innovations Kinky Beaver is destined to be another favorite from one the premier soft plastic companies - Reaction Innovations.

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