Ranger Ready Singles Insect Spray, 5 oz, Amber Scent (FMS05)
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Ranger Ready Singles Insect Spray, 5 oz, Amber Scent (FMS05)

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE 12-HOUR PROTECTION from ticks and mosquitos with Ranger Ready, formulated with Picaridin 20%!

Ranger Ready fine mist pump sprayers are designed to provide 360 coverage in hard to reach spots. Our non-greasy formula is safe to apply directly to your skin.
Protect yourself from Lyme disease, West Nile, Powassan virus and other insect-borne diseases with Ranger Ready!

WHAT IS PICARIDIN?: Picaridin is the world's leading DEET alternative, providing equal protection from ticks and mosquitos without carrying any of the same health concerns that have caused several countries to ban DEET outright in certain concentrations. It's safe for the entire family and won't damage your camping gear.

AMBER SCENT: Notes of cedar and amber bring a light, natural, outdoor scent to the forefront

Size: 150ml/5.0oz
Full Body Uses: 45+

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