Browning Reactar G2 Shooting Pad
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Browning Reactar G2 Shooting Pad


Reactar G2 Pad

Shooting all day can take a heavy toll on your shoulder. Take the sting out of shooting with the Reactar G2 pad. The Reactar G2 pad features a ultra-flexible recoil absorption material called Impact Gel that absorbs recoil forces better than any other pad on the market. Most amazingly, the Reactar G2 pad with Impact Gel performs so well at a thickness of only 8mm, that it won't change your length of pull or affect your point of aim. To reap the benefits of greater comfort and less fatigue, try a MADE in the USA Reatar G2 pad today.

Browning's exclusive, new and improved REACTAR™ pad (Recoil Action Arrestor) absorbs recoil on the inside of vest, jacket or shirt without altering appearance or increasing length of pull. Only 8mm thick, Lightweight & Flexible to form to your body. Uses patented, enviromentally-friendly Impact Gel which reduces peak recoil. Dimensions are 3 3/4" wide by 7" long.

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