Bull Frog 91016 Rust Blocker Emitter Strip 6-Pack
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Bull Frog 91016 Rust Blocker Emitter Strip 6-Pack

BULL FROG/CORTEC CORP Gun Cleaning Products

Bull Frog Rust Blocker Emitter Strip/6 Pack

RUST BLOCKER STRIPS - Stops rust and corrosion in enclosed spaces. Hang it in a gun safe, storage locker, trunk or closet. Hang it up in a second and relax for a year. One emitter strip protects a 1 cubic foot space, a cup will protect 11 cubic foot, and a shield can protect as much as 2.8 cubic meters. RUST REMOVER - Finally, a Rust Remover that is safe to use and safe for the environment and it really works! Cleans up with water...plus, VpCIs protect the metals from flash rusting...tools, cars trucks, RVs, farm equipment, bikes, metal furniture, garden equipment. RUST BLOCKER - Prevents rust before it starts. Sprayed on, it forms an invisible OVpCI Molecular Umbrella that seals exposed metal surfaces against rust such as latches, hinges, trailers, farm equipment, outdoor furniture, garden equipment and fences. CLEANER/DEGREASER - The hardest working cleaner/degreaser you can get, pus VpCIs protect metal surfaces from flash rust and corrosion. Biodegradable and phosphate free. RUST BLOCKER GUN SLEEVES,Bull Frog Rust Blocker Gun Sleeves protect valuable firearms with he same vapor corrosion inhibitors (VpCIs) developed for the military. Bull Frog's soft-spun, non-abrasive lining wicks moisture safely away from your valuable firearm with exclusive gravity capillary action. RUSTHUNTER - Rusthunter Firearm Cleaner and Rust Blocker cleans, lubricates and protects. the absolute "Gun Care" choice for removing powder residue, dirt and grime. Excellent for displacing moisture while leaving a barrier that protects against corrosion for up to one year. Fast drying action won't attract dust and dirt. Maximize the appearance and performance of your firearms with Rusthunter. RUSTHUNTER GUN WIPES - Our same great Rusthunter is now available in a ready to use gun wipe. Cleans and protects while leaving a long lasting protective barrier. The ultimate "Gun Care Companion" to take you on your next hunting adventure or trip to the range. LUBRICANT WITH RUST BLOCKER - Not only stops everything from squeaking and sticking, but also prevents it from happening in the first place. Protects against rust and corrosion for up to a full year. Rustblocker provides superior lubricity and penetration on all moving parts. BULL FROG TOOL WIPE - Bullfrog Tool Wipe is a revolutionary wipe which removes surface rust, grease, oil, and grime. Cleans and protects while leaving behind a long lasting VpCI protective barrier.

Mfg Item Num: 91016
Type :Rust Inhibitor
Size :1 Strip, 1 Cubic Ft
Quantity :6 PK

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