RCBS 87590 Powder Checker
MPN:  87590 UPC:   076683875907

RCBS 87590 Powder Checker

RCBS Piggyback Powder Measure Stand and Powder Checker

RCBS Powder Checker

Powder measure piggyback stand will raise any powder measure leaving plenty of space for positioning a powder scale pan or a case in a loading block under the drop tube. Bolts easily to a loading bench or table. Powder checker a simple, effective way to check powder charges when you use a progressive press. The powder checker sits between the powder charging and bullet seating stations. Using a probing rod, it lets you confirm that the case is properly charged with powder before bullet seating. In addition to spotting a "no charge" condition, the powder checker shows low and high charges too.

Mfg Item Num: 87590
Type :Powder Checker
Caliber :Pistol/Rifle
Size :
Quantity :Each
Weight :

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