Smith & Wesson M940 9MM 5 Round Black Moon Clip (19141)
MPN:  19141 UPC:   022188491418

Smith & Wesson M940 9MM 5 Round Black Moon Clip (19141)


Accessory Magazines

4 pk, 5 Round Black Full Moon Clip For Model 940, 9MM

A Full Moonclip is circular piece of spring steel or stainless steel designed to hold a full cylinder of ammunition for a revolver together as a unit. Therefore, instead of loading one round at a time or using a speedloader, with a Full Moonclip, a full cylinder of ammunition can be loaded and the fired cases are all extracted together as a unit. Thus expediting the revolver loading and unloading process. Unlike a speedloader, a Full Moonclip remains in the revolver during firing.

Conventional revolver cartridges have a rim at the base of the case to keep the cartridge from moving too far forward in the cylinder and to provide for extraction. The Model 940 revolver is able to shoot the rimless 9mm parabellum (9x19mm) by using a full moon clip (sometimes called a star clip).

NOTE: The following is a cut from the S&W manual: "Whenever rimless pistol cartridges are used in the cylinder of a Smith & Wesson revolver, (except M547) full or half-moon clips MUST be used to both position and extract such cartridges. Failure to use ammunition clips with rimless cartridges may result in malfunction of the revolver."

Mfg Item Num: 19141
Caliber :9 MM
Capacity :5 rd
Finish :Black
Model :M940

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