Trijicon Tritium CP25 Night Sight For Colt AR15/M16
MPN:  CP25 UPC:   719307201040

Trijicon Tritium CP25 Night Sight For Colt AR15/M16

TRIJICON INC Colt Night Sights

Trijicon Night Sights For Colt AR15/M16

For Colt Government, Combat Elite, Delta Elite, Officers ACP, and Combat Commander automatic pistols with factory original fixed sights. The professional gunsmith must use the available special Trijicon staking tool. This staking tool will fit both .125 and .055 tang widths. Other staking tools will destroy these blades and cannot be used. The .125 tang width blade can be modified by a local gunsmith to .085 to fit a Springfield 1911, but other .45 brands don't fit these blades. An A2 post will fit on an A1 rifle.

Mfg Item Num: CP25
Category: GUN SIGHTS
Type :Rifle Night Sight
Material :Tritium
Color :Green Front/Rear
Firearm Type :Colt AR-15 & M16
Base :

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