Primos The Freak w/Crystal Turkey Call 210
MPN:  210 UPC:   010135002107

Primos The Freak w/Crystal Turkey Call 210


Primos Friction Turkey Call

Model 226 - The Freak Slate Call The sound created between the "Grave Digger" striker and the frictionite surface is directed by the new sound chamber and sent out with a cleaner, higher pitch. The Freak can strap to your gun or your leg for one handed operation. This one handed operation allows you to keep on calling until the last second. Model 210 - The Freak Crystal Call The crystal surface has been made famous by the power crystal and now we are offering it to you in the freak series. Crystal is a hard surface which is capable of producing pitches up to 15,000 Hz. It takes a bit more care to properly roughen up the surface of "The Freak" with crystal than it's brother "The Freak" with frictonite, but once you have it properly tuned there is no turkey sound it can not accurately reproduce.

Mfg Item Num: 210
Category: GAME CALLS
Type :Friction Turkey Call
Species :Turkey
Material :Crystal /Sandpaper

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