Knight & Hale Small Rattle Bag Deer Call KH1009
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Knight & Hale Small Rattle Bag Deer Call KH1009


Knight & Hale Small Nylon Rattle Bag

Model KH1003- The EZ-Grunt-er "Plus" camo deer call has a patented concept of being able to inhale and exhale on the same end of the call. This is important for giving the tending buck grunt that has a rhythm of hyperventilating that only this concept can produce. This call also includes an Extend-A-Tone hose for a wider range of tone. Pattern is Mossy Oak Break-Up. Model KH1025- The EZ-Grunt-er Adjustable Call has five adjustable settings that allows this call to reproduce bleats, buck and doe social grunts, and the hyper grunts of rutting bucks. The preset o-ring makes it easy to adjust the pitch. This call also features the Extend A-Tone Hose and its compact size is finished in Mossy Oak Break-Up. Model KH1032- The Hands Free Soft Grunter is a hands free model that measures an amazing 2-inches in length. The soft, pliable plastic is held comfortably in the mouth. Ideal for bow hunters. Model KH1009- The Ultimate Rattle Bag makes the authentic sounds of two fighting bucks. It hangs from your belt or can be removed for two- handed rattling. Model KH1023- The EZ-Doe Bleat is an all season call that easily produces the social bleat of a doe. The call appeals to the maternal instinct of all deer, including blacktails, coues and mule deer. The Doe Bleat is compact, features Mossy Oak Break-up camo and includes a lanyard. Model KH1024- The EZ-Fawn Bleat is great for early season hunting. The call produces bleats and bawls of young deer and does. It is compact in size and features a Mossy Oak Break-Up camo design and lanyard. Model KH1033- The EZ Gravity Bleat produces extremely natural sounding doe bleats and bawls by simply turning it over. one handed operation allows hunters to use two calls at once. Model KH1036- The Double Reed Bleat call accurately produces the quiet, contented bleats of a calm doe and frantic fawn-in-distress sounds. The Double Reed fawn Bleat is easy to use and has enough volume to reach distant bucks.

Mfg Item Num: KH1009
Category: GAME CALLS
Type :Rattling Bag
Species :Deer
Material :Mesh Nylon Bag

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