Haydels Deluxe Squirrel Call w/Whistle DS85
MPN:  DS85 UPC:   086666300203

Haydels Deluxe Squirrel Call w/Whistle DS85


Haydels Acrylic Squirrel Call w/Whistle

Squirrel Pack- A combo pack with the DS-85 and SW-92 Mr. Squirrel Whistle. Between the two your bag will be filled in no time. Both simulate the distress cries of both fox and grays with the DS-85 also having a barking feature! Original Deluxe 3 IN 1 Squirrel- Emits the bark or chatter of the Bushytail. Blowing moderately into the exhaust barrel gives the cry of Grey Squirrels. Blowing 5 panicky notes creates the high pitched cries of a baby in distress. "Mr. Squirrel Whistle"- Imitates the distress call of a young squirrel. It works! Excites squirrels, makes them bark and, at times move toward your location.

Mfg Item Num: DS85
Category: GAME CALLS
Type :Squirrel Call
Species :Squirrel
Material :Acrylic/Collapsible Hose

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