Primos Old Betsy w/Hickory Striker Turkey Call 224
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Primos Old Betsy w/Hickory Striker Turkey Call 224


Primos Friction Turkey Call

Model 217 - Power Crystal Friction Call This is their top of the line, high pitched, friction call. The Power Crystal's super-hard surface easily peaks at 15,000 Hz, due to a combination of the crystal surface and the acoustics of the pot's internal sounding board. Your Power Crystal comes with a 5/16" purple heart carbon striker giving you a rich sound and unmatched control. 100% waterproof and includes conditioning pad and super abrasive sandpaper. Model 213 - Ol' Glory Frictionite Call The Ol' Glory is as dependable as the name implies, a call that will always perform when your calling counts the most. Frictionite surface is hard, abrasive and responsive, easily exceeding 15,000 Hz with very little effort. It is versatile enough for loud calling or for seductive finishing calls. Includes 5/16" purple heart striker, sandpaper and conditioning pad. Model 224 - Ol' Betsy With Hickory Striker The Ol'Betsy is built with select pennsylvania slate. This slate combined with the acoustical cup and internal sounding board gives you a slate call that produces the purest turkey sounds. The Hickory Striker only adds to the versatility of this call, giving you yelps and cuts that reach way out or finishing calls with its soft yelps, clucks, and purrs. Includes conditioning pad and hickory striker.

Mfg Item Num: 224
Category: GAME CALLS
Type :Friction Turkey Call
Species :Turkey
Material :Pennsylvania Slate/Hardwood Striker

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